One Night – Round One

He twirls the ring around his finger
Watching the dancers on the floor
Some are a sin
Others are bashful
But the beat of the music keeps them going
He walks slowly to the bar
His steps slow and measured

And as he sits and orders a burbon on the rocks
She leans against him to put a tip in the tip jar
He inhales her and feels his heart accelerates
He smiles at her and she smiles back

He throws back his drink and throws caution to the wind
She pulls him out to the dance floor
And their bodies start moving

Back and forth they go to see who will win this round
Until her legs wrap around him
And his eyebrows go up
And she smiles as she slides down

And all he hears is, “I love you.”

Then she’s gone
He goes back to the bar shaking his head

Looks like she won this round, he chuckles to himself and goes home


Burning Gunpowder

Let’s light the spark
Bring you down a notch
Crawling up and over your body

You think you know where this is going
But its not where you wish it was going I’ll tell you that much

Let me explain to you

I’m here to bring you down
I’m here to show all your little evil lies
To the world

Now you might think I’ll name names
But I’m better than that

I’m here to tell you all about the things that you don’t see
All the scandalous things you wish you knew

How hard can a life be
Only when rumors are involved
Only when lies are mixed
So many times I’ve been apart of your lies
All the rumors you’ve been saying about me aren’t true and the ones that know me, know me well
But you want to throw my world in front of the headlines when  your own closet isn’t clean
You can sit there and act like you know me but you don’t know anything about my life but the lies you’ve been passing around I know all to well
I could burn your life
Tattered and torn is how I would leave you
Be like the the red king and take your rooks and pawns
Betray you like you have betrayed you
But I won’t
Like hell I won’t

You’ve left tongues wagging

I’ll leave corpses behind me
You mess with me
And I’ll burn you

You hurt me and mine
I’m after you

Being with you was never a home
Being in your presence I never felt warm

So go ahead and wag your tongue like you know me

But that girl you speak of died a long time again

A vibrating heart replaced the real one inside of me
You burned me, tore me down
Trust isn’t something given lightly

Like gunpowder I’m gone after you lit the fuse and left me burning

Raging Regrets

You’re sitting there in front of your video games
Telling her all the things she can’t do
Trying to hide her from all your friends

Regretting you ever saw her
Regretting you ever got with her
You bitch to me and him
About all the other pretty things you have
And you don’t see the looks he and I exchange
And then wistfully you say how you wish you had our love

You couldn’t handle it

You have to see past your own ways to see how you treat everyone around you

But you carry on like its all her fault
But you never remember how the other fingers on your hand are pointing straight back at yourself

You’re too busy feeling like the victim
to have time to change all the things wrong with yourself
You can’t stand to be there and to be shown how wrong you are

So keep singing out all your praises
Keep building yourself up while you’re putting her down

You’re never going to get out of that little town

Twirling Denim

You’re young
You think you’ve got it all figured out
You’re running around with a plan
You think everything is going to happen for you

Oh baby keep trying

You think I don’t know what I’m talking about
But if you would just take a moment  and listen
I’ll tell you about the heartbreak you’re about to go through
The way life goes
It don’t owe you shit

Baby, slow down

I know you’re trying to break tradition
Rebel against everything your parents have done

Baby, I can see everything you’re trying to do

I was right there with you
I see where you’re going
Baby, slow down

You’re twirling and spinning
Until you’ve got this life right where you want it
But sometimes it doesn’t go your way
Sometimes you’ve got to fall to rise up again and try again and again

Baby, hold on
I”m seeing it all
I know you’re falling hard

But please don’t fall for the first guy that tells you he loves you
Don’t think this life is going to end in happily ever after

That’s the thing they never tell you
It doesn’t end at the prince charming
No baby it keeps going

Don’t give up baby
When the hard times come
Hear me baby

Don’t give up
I whisper to the sleeping boy

Wicked Midnight

You left me in the dark
You wouldn’t let me stand next to you
You would turn away from me
Just for the show
Your sword drawn

Hurry up, the lights are shinning bright
And again you’re hiding me in the dark

Hurry up, Cast away those that are close to you
As another fake smile comes to your eyes

The spotlight is always on you
The paparazzi always finding a story with you
Twisting and corrupting
The boy I thought I knew

You’re suppose to be the bad boy
The one that doesn’t care
But you told me that I hold your heart
That with a squeeze I could kill you if I chose

But your actions are showing me what your words belie

I turn away from the flashes and that fake smlie of yours
I don’t know what to believe
I don’t know what’s a lie or what’s a truth

You were always silver tongued
You can twist any words to your pleasing
You make everything beautiful with your honeyed words

That pretty face of yours
Those eyes that hold the world

You’re burning me as I stand near you
But again you’re shielding me from it all

I’m waiting for midnight so I can go back to my normal life
And leave you to this world of fantasies

We were born into separate worlds and I don’t fit into yours
I don’t belong where Gods dwell

As I say this, your face becomes so sad
But we have to face the truth

I belong in a garden with a quaint cottage
You belong in your castle in the sky

I don’t want to be Juliet pining for her Romeo

I can’t fix a bad boy

Out of Time

The blood seeps from her skin
You’d think this was a horror story from the way this begins
But with her it’s always complicated
She’s running late on her deadlines
He expects her in bed by now
But she’s typing away  like a madwoman
Trying to keep up with this busy world

She’s not a girl for the frills or the thrills
Most nights you’ll find her by the window reading until dawn breaks through
She finds simple pleasures in life
She doesn’t need a drunken night
She doesn’t need any pity or woe
Dramas aren’t her things unless its in a subtitled form with a happily ever after in the horizon

She doesn’t need anything just a little more time
A little more hugs
And some more hot chocolate

She loves the winter, hates the summer
And gives the best hugs you’ll ever get

She’s the night and the rainy days
She’s everything you want
And will ever need

She’s comfortable in her own skin
She’s beauty, confidence and a dash of smartass rolled into one

She’s a dream that brings a smile to your face
And a curse to your lips

She’s a deity running out of time

Can you save her?

Cracked Mirrors

He watched her from the other side of the mirror
His hand on the mirror, a thin sheet of glass separated them
He felt pain as he watched
Being interrogated
Being told lie after lie
Still she held onto her story
She wouldn’t change it

He was a criminal
He was everything that she wasn’t
But her eyes still held the prosecutors
She wouldn’t betray him

They said he was an outlaw
But she called him Robin Hood

They called him a thief
But she called him Rob Roy MacGregor

He saw the interrogators were losing their patience
He waved his badge
His superior let him take over

As soon as he strolled in there
Her back straightened
She looked at him in shock
He felt his heart fall for the role he was about to play

He slammed his hands down on the table
She jumped
He started the questions, the ones he warned her he would throw at her
He saw the tear escape but she held strong onto her answers
She bit her lip and it made him pause
He felt his resolve slip

She raised her eyes to meet his and he was catapulted to a different time

A different place…..


She doesn’t know the double life I lead
The one where I have to be strong

But to her I’m so weak, so she has to protect me
But the whole time I’ve been protecting her

I’ll be what she needs me to be
I’ll do what I have to do to get close to her

She’s my everything

She chases what she wants without fear
She tries so hard to be strong
Even though her heart isn’t strong
She needs pills to help keep it beating
I can feel the irregular beats
But she seems to find trouble where ever she goes
So I keep an eye on her

I’m her guardian angel
But I feel more like a demon, hiding

I play two parts but she’s falling for the demon within me
And I feel jealousy surge
How can someone incite such contempt for myself

But her burning light cures me
I feel like the world is better with her in it

Her sweet smile keeps me going
Her love makes me whole
I don’t feel like I have to fight the demon within
I don’t have to push him down

She holds me close
And my heart flies
Her words cure me
Her arms shelter me

She is everything to me that I always needed
There’s no other like her


Day 1 of 365 Year 2019

A new year, a new day
Trying out all the new things I want to do
Marking off my bucket list

Old me

Spreading my arms wide
Letting the wind caress my hair
Letting all of this slide away
Ready for some good things

Ready for this world to make room for a girl like me

Trying hard to move on
Trying to find my voice
Not letting go
Not losing my focus

There’s still so much to do
To see, to experience
Never give up

Never lose hope

Dry my eyes
Rise them high
Go forward
Never lose hope
Never lose sight

Never lose my right
To be just me

So take a deep breath
Ready to dive off this cliff
Into the unknown
With my ember eyes
I’m ready for this life

Hello 2019!!

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