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World – 1; Love – 0

He dropped to his knees
His heart falling with the news
So much she kept from him
She ran from him
Left him here, crumbled

He screamed
She promised him longer
She swore that she wouldn’t give up on them
It was always them against the world
He felt the anger
The sadness being pushed aside
Was it too much to ask for a little happiness in his world
She was the sunlight that kept him going
She held him when the world got to be too much

He lifted his head in time to see them coming
Curious little eyes looking to him for answers
He felt his heart tremble
He wanted to cry even harder
But he had no time for that
His arms wrapped around them

He had no answers but he remembered one important thing to tell them.

“We may not having it all together,
But together we have it all.”

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He was born a year after her
Cursed his life from that day forward
He was meant to find sadness in every turn
Made a mess of his life
He was heading towards a world filled with alcohol

She was born a year before him
Faced with things a normal kid wouldn’t have gone through
Taught that it was all normal

Two people meet
When the chances were stacked against them

A day he curses, is a day she’s thankful for
He means the world to her
He holds everything that she loves dear next to him
Without him, her world wouldn’t have existed
Without him, she would have given up a long time ago
Been miserable without him in her world

He never knows how much she loves the fact that he was born

His day means so much for her
He gave her happiness
He found his way
He gave her laughter
He found himself
He gave her hope
He found her

A day he curses, is a day she’s thankful for
Because he’s here

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Conquering Triggers

Her feet hit the floor, she hears him groan
Reaching for her, giving up, lifting himself, glaring at her
She smiles then goes back to her work of finding all her clothes
Except they’re no where to be found
She hears a manly chuckle

She swears he’s a devil reincarnated
In his lap are all of her clothes
She didn’t want to go anywhere near him
Especially since being near him has always been dangerous for her

He smirks, daring her
She feels the heat hit her cheeks
Before the play can commence, he grimances
The thunder outside still shakes him

She forgets all her self-reserves
He feels her arms surround him
Her whispering in his ear distracts him
Brings him back to the present
Her body pressed against him
He rolls with her in his arms as she squeaks, caught off guard

She sighs, so much for working today
His head on her chest, her hands stroking his hair

The best place to be on a rainy day
Comforting her lover

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Quiet Nightmares

When this house gets quiet my heart hurts
My mind starts running in circle
I feel like I can’t find my way out
I try not to be triggered
I try to not rock back and forth

Where did I go wrong?
I thought I was strong
But then memories hit me

Rain falls
The world is tilted
My hand reaches for his
But the blackness takes me away from him

I feel the nightmare replay
I lose everything
I’m struggling to breath
As Death hoovers near
Waiting to grasp my hand
But I tell her not yet
I’m not done yet
I rush past her
Reaching his outstretched hand

She yanks me back til her lips touch my ear
I want her to let me go to him
Please, I beg, Please

She sighs
The chains fall

I push away from the blackness
Emerging in his arms
His warmth surrounds me
His hand is in mine

My heart beats, he’s here.

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Too Busy To Look down on Anyone

You never thought I’d get here
Always thought I’d need help

Were expecting me to disappointment again
I’d apologize but I wouldn’t mean it

I was his good luck charm
He was my rock

We learned from your mistakes
We learned from our own
Fought our way out of the bad decisions we made

Pushed harder, learned more

You never thought we’d get here
Without help?
You were wrong to judge us
You should have come with us
But you chose to ignore us
You chose your own path
So we forged our own

Honey, this isn’t bragging
This is what it is

We worked hard to prove that we are responsible
We worked hard to not fail people
Like others have failed us
Like others have left us

Don’t give up

Turn your life around
I can’t wait to celebrate your successes

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Slide away from the Pain

I gun the engine
I need to get away from the innocent
It’s not their faults
I see him in the rear view mirror watching me drive away

I told him I would be back
I just needed to sort through these emotion

I feel a black cloud
I’m tired of keeping my mouth shut
I feel a shadow holding back my anxiety
I feel crimson red for all the hatred I feel
I feel sad blue
Holding back my tears

Empty promises
Empty arms

Now you’re calling him
You chose sides a long time ago
When have you bragged about him?

Here’s the other side of the coin

Where were you when I needed you
Asked me if I needed anything
I won’t ask for help
We’re doing this all on our own

We’ve always been the black sheep

We had goals
We were building it all in silence
We have been doing the best we can

We’ve been through pain

We’ve been through hell

I rev the truck, bringing her roaring fast down this empty road
I accelerate around the curves
I feel the hate slide away
I feel the anxiety still there, though

I’m not prepared for any of this

I have no choice though

Be the better person

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Never Knowing

Her worries escalated as the dial tone vibrated through her phone

Her only worry was you

But you’d never know how many hospitals she called trying to find you
Trying to find information

Finally a nurse knew who you were
But she couldn’t give any information

The kicker, your own daughter wasn’t on the list
Your own daughter wasn’t allowed to have any information concerning you

She started crying and she heard the nurses voice through the line

“I’m so sorry baby girl.”

You never knew what you did
You never thought about anyone else but yourself
The pain you put her through

Then calling like everything is fine

Did it ever occur to you
You were once everything to her?

Now look at the man by her side
Look at the way he treats her
Look at what he does for their kids

You have no clue what you did to her heart

You appear like it never touched you

It broke her heart

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Disappearing Witchery

He invaded her dreams again
He was there protecting her
His sword drawn
His head held high

She was everything for him
He looked as if he had stepped right out of a movie
The look he shot her
Made her heart beat faster

He invaded her dreams again
He was there whispering to her
Reminding her he was coming for her

She thought that she was losing her mind
She felt her whole world stirring
What was he

She caught her mom looking at her worried

She knew that when it came to this her mom had more answers

Her wise mama always kept reminding her that her own story had already been written
All it take is courage to open the doors
To find her own way

He kept flashing through her mind throughout the whole day
She felt her heart beat faster when she thought she caught glimpses of him

He invaded her dreams
Kissed her sweetly then disappeared


What the hell?

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Crazy Senses

Her mom’s on the phone again
Why can’t she meet a nice man
Someone, anyone
She doesn’t need an earth shattering love
Her mom doesn’t understand what she’s holding out for

She closes her eyes, the snow swirls, the sky darkens
She feels the wind, lifting her hair, like a lover
She feels the Earth under her feet
She feels a pull, she knows that he’s out there

That’s what she’s holding on for
She knows he’ll shake her world
He’ll be everything that she’s been searching for
He’ll pull her close
She’ll finally find her place
Even when this world has outcasted her
She’ll find him

Everyone in her life thinks she’s crazy

This is who she is
She knows there’s more
She can see so much more than others
Always have

It makes so many uncomfortable
It makes many so uneasy

She could never be her true self
Not in front of many

She closes her eyes
He’s coming

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Witches Justice

Everyone seeks her as the twilight peaks
Everyone comes with gold lining their hands
Hoping that riches will buy them a better fortune
Everyone wants a perfect world
Nothing to ruin their selfish worlds

Reaching out blindly for all the happy ever afters
Cancelling anything that is in their way

Calling for peace while on the same lips starting a war

The bells ring as another customer comes in
Takes a seat
His expensive cuffs glint in the light
His perfect teeth
His well kept hair
But his eyes contain the caged monster

He leans forward, his smell favorable
If he ever sheds the lies
You will scream
He will eat you up

Everyone wants a perfect world

She’s seen all the monsters behind the screens
All the snowflakes
The Karens

She knows what they seek

Knowing that soon, soon karma will come for them all