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Death, Love and Short Fluff

When met with the Grim Reaper
His heart stopped
She was use to the looks that they got
They were waiting for a man to show up with black coat
Never a woman in a fedora hat and high heeled boots
Ripped jeans, flowing blouse adorning her appealing figure

He stared at her and didn’t ask the usual, “Am I dead?”

He had her taking a step back, “Will you go on a date with me?”

She looked at him suspicously, he didn’t smell like he had alochol in him
She shook her head, “Yes.” She heard herself reply.
She looked around, only to see Eros arrow sticking out of her back
From that day forward she hated the meddling Cupid
She took a certain glee after this was all said and done to take couples
Which left the loving God fuming


Although at present she wanted to know what to do with this man
Exactly what did she get herself into?

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Fast Curves, Dying Hearts

He climbed into the car, revving the engine as soon as he started it
He wanted to run from here
She was leaving
He wanted to go with her
He just didn’t think he belonged in her world
He didn’t feel like she belonged anywhere near his
She was destined for greater things
She was meant to do more
She was going onto greater things
He taught her to fight back
To start to stand on her own
He saw the changes started to happen
He knew he wasn’t the man for her
She depended on him so much
But there was somone else for her
He saw it in his dreams
He was going to come to her broken
He was going to need her as much as she needed him
He was going to be her everything

He gunned the engine, shifted gears
He felt his heart beat harder
He knew what was going to happen

She always warned him never to drive fast
He smiled to himself, this would be the last time he took Deadman’s Curve

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Chicago Grave

The rain is falling and your name is still on my lips
Why did it have to go this way
Our happy ending wasn’t suppose to be like this
I’m not suppose to be at your grave

There would have been a chance for us
Its been 21 years since you’ve left this Earth
I left Chicago and never looked back

We met by chance
You died by destiny
I forged my own way
Never again would I do her bidding
You were there to give me the strength
It was suppose to be you and me heading back to my hometown
But you left me at your grave

I had to learn to go on my own

I had to forget the promises you made
Cause the dead can’t keep them

All I know is I hope you’re watching me
I hope you see everything that I’m doing
I never looked back after you left me

But there are days when your name is still on my lips

You would have been my savior
You would have stood up for me
Like no one else has

But I had to find my own footing
I had to deal my own way

But know you’re name is never forgotten

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King of Spades and Love

Like a myth, she came along
Trapped the King, right where she wanted him
Barbed wire, wrapping around his heart
Until he couldn’t breathe
She sashayed away
Her heart not burdened
He had to follow, stumbling, his ego busted
His annoyance growing
Only repeating the words that she wanted

Until he began to believed them
The barbed wire started to loosen its hold
He started to find himself able to breathe again

The scent of her, made it easier for him, day by day
He no longer looked for a way to escape
He no longer stood there blocking her way
No more fights

He broke his own spell when he finally fell

When she couldn’t stand the pain that he showed
When she saw the hurt on his face
She released him

She wasn’t as immune as she liked everyone to believe

His eyes widened when the barbed wire went back to her
When he could breathe
When was about say the words
She faded from his sight
She sacrificed herself

He screamed, he banged the tile til it gave way

For so long he looked pain, it hurt worst to lose her
To watch her fade like dandelion seeds in the wind

His fists bled but he didn’t care
It wasn’t enough, he had to find a way back to her
He had to have her back

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Dandelions Wind

His eyes are set on the prize
He’s lost in his anger
He’s lost in the memories of the past
His stance is rigid
His heart is beating
Every time her face pops into the front of his mind

He punches with his left
Everytime the reminder of their kiss
He punches with his right

He dances around the punching bag
Trying to side step the memories that are flooding his brain

Her eyes, the way she slept, the way she looked at him
Make his breathing heavier

She’s like a song on repeat
That won’t let him sleep at night
Won’t let him go
She grips him
Until sunlight comes up, then she’s fading with the bright light like a mist

His heart beating like a hummingbird
He’s trying to catch the breath that she took away
Until night comes then it starts all over

His hands wrapped around her waist
Her eyes on his face

He shuts his eyes in pain

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The Backs of Forget Me Nots

it’s been years but his heart still longs for her
He’s been trying so hard to get back to her
To correct the wrongs
He thought that he was doing right by her
He thought that he was making the right choices

He left her to think that he was dead
A part of him did die that day
He left his heart with her
When the boat exploded
She lost her way
Without him, there’s no life
Without him, there’s no point in living

She was going on autopilot
Always mistakening the backs of men for him
But then she would have to bow her head and say sorry
It was always the wrong person that she was running to
Taking the wrong way
If she turned around just once and looked up
He was always there

The forget me nots in his hands
The look of want and his eyes only on her

This is the love story we all dream about
A man that only sees us

With the ticking of the clock
With the time moving on

She was going on autopilot
Always missing, always mistaking, always looking
Without him, there’s no life
Without him, there no point in living

Until the day he reappears in front of her

……….The ticking stopped, then came the slap

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Epilogue of a Hell Bent Heart

He heard giggling on his left side, then felt a body snuggled against him
He opened one eye
His whole system jolted away
She was here, his crazy plan worked
She rolled over and her eyes widened
She was home
It was all a bad dream
But then her eyes looked at his

She freaked out and jumped back
Their children looked at her like she had lost her mind
She signaled to him to check his eyes
He raised an eyebrow and begrudging got up
His eyes were amber
He sighed and turned around
His children didn’t notice anything amiss

He opened his arms and pulled her to him
“We’ll discuss this later.”
She reveled in his arms around her and just nodded

He promised their littles breakfast and had everyone marching out
She stayed behind and saw him look at her with a questionable look
She crooked her finger at him with a smile
When he got closer
She slapped him, “You’re an idiot for the stunt you pulled, Lykos.”
He growled, her eyes widened.

“If it means protecting you, then I’d go to hell and back again, give up my soul, just to have you by my side.”

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Unlikely Savior

She heard the Gods hooting and hollering as they watched this mere mortal
Her eyes widened as she saw him throw open the door, throw the big steak at Cerberus
Walked past him without a backwards glance
Met Dionysus and gave him the liquor
The God didn’t even bat an eye at him and waved him by to enjoy his nectar
God after God
Goddess after Goddess, he charmed, gifted and made his way until he was in front of the chamber that she was in

The doors flew open
He looked past the God to his wife, chained to the wall, her head bowed
He felt his heart beat faster, his hands itched to touch her, to check her
The God plopped himself in front of the mere mortal, amused for the first time in centuries
A mortal came all this way on the wings of love and loss

Lykos had one more trick up his sleeve
Zeus saw the fire in the young man’s eyes and was reminded again why he loved the humans so much

He threw his head back and swallowed the potion that he got from the witch

Shook away his skin and grew, he wasn’t mindless though, he saw Zeus throw his head back and laughed

Then he was forced back into human skin so quickly his bones cracked and hurt
A voice was screaming, crying, sobbing and pleading
Zeus stopped mid laughter, the whole time the girl was here, she didn’t make a sound nor begged as other humans have done before, but as soon as she saw her husband, her childrens names fell from her lips and her whimperings over and over of how much they needed their daddy broke Zeus’s heart.

Zeus sent them back with a snap of his fingers.

Athena walked in and looked at him puzzled.

“A father should be the one man that doesn’t hurt his daughter.”

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Twist on Love

His friends thought he was crazy, they thought that he had lost his mind
He found a way to the other side and he was going to bring her back
He couldn’t live in this world without her
They all tried to talk him out of it
They couldn’t believe that he would trade his life
She didn’t want this
She never wished for him to do this

He roared, who the hell knew what she really wanted?
She wasn’t here to speak for herself
He felt the tears threaten to fall again

He’d race to the ends of the Earth to bring her back
He felt his heart tremble again as it beat out her name

He couldn’t keep living like this
He was on the brink of death and wasn’t quite living either

He pleaded with all of them to understand

And as one they all nodded their heads

He left the littles with a kiss on their foreheads and a promise to be back
He traded what the witch the apple, he gave gold to the troll under the bridge
Then he got into his car and raced over the burning bridge to his fate…..

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Confessional Memories

Memories pushed through

He saw her there, like before
Her nose always in a book
Her awareness was no where to be seen
He always loved seeing her finding her happiness in little things

She looked up and smiled
He felt happiness as he returned a smile back

Another came forward
The way her hair looked
The way she looked up at him
She held his heart that night
As she whispered I love you to him
He thought the world was the best place

He always saw her as his Queen
She ruled his world
He’d give anything for the smile she’d give him
She made his world whole

Memories subsided as the tears fell from his eyes
The wetness on his face woke him up
Her name escaped his lips in a sob

The rest of the night was shot