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Contoured Periphery

I had to disappear from this little world of mine
Just for a while
I’m sorry I didn’t say a word
Or give you a warning

There was too much going on in my head
So many nightmares that wouldn’t quiet down

I wanted to write so badly but couldn’t get myself out of bed

The visions in my head
The thoughts and stories that were swirling around
Weren’t enough to get me to the keyboard

My heart was strumming away
My soul was incapable of waking up
The poisoned apple was lodged in my throat

I was waning and flowing
Losing my way

Had to find my way back from the edge

Had to find my place again

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Foreign 世界

Light up my path
Until the darkness can’t touch me anymore
Wake me up from these nightmares
Strike a chord that resonates with my soul

Bring my eyes to the sky
Let the water sweep away
Fill my soul with depth

Call my body to you
Raise it from the Earth
Make my hands from the fires of Hades

Bring my heart to beating with the drums of the thunder

Light up my path
Call me to your side
With the echos of our ancestors

Bring me into your world

Fight for my heart to beat
Toss the lies and the empty promises away

Don’t give up on us

Sweep your eyes from the lying waters
Don’t let the fire leap onto you
Your body is as much mine as it is yours

Let me light your path
Let me call you to my side

Soar on the Hawks wings
Bring your Hammer forged in Valhalla
Run to the rising hills
Come find me
Don’t let the deceit pull you down

Jump into my world

My eyes won’t stop looking at the sky
My feet won’t move like a willow tree’s leaves
Come find me


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Drunken Pride

She’s a woman of little words
Her hands brush away the pain
Her eyes seeks yours to make sure you’re ok

She’s someone so easy to fall in love with

She brought peace to your crazy life
You kept pushing her away
When she finally started to walk away
You pulled her back

Your heart thudding in your chest
The mere thought of losing her
Tore you in two
A weakness you prided on yourself on
A sweet pride that no one could hurt you anymore

You’d rather strike first before your heart ever burns again

Your blood wouldn’t let you go solo anymore

You heart fought you until you couldn’t hide anymore

Everything that you were came out in a drunken night

In front of her, only her
You showed her the scars
The fact that no one wanted you
Once they got what they wanted
You were the one that could correct mistakes
But within yourself you were nothing
You were a walking skeleton with many keys to different doors
Yet, no one had yours

Too many burns, too many scars

Everything that you were
Came out in a mess

When morning’s night came she had stayed
Your heart jumped
The sheets that covered you
Smelled like her
The lgiht that shined on her
Made your heart ache

She was still here…..

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Someone’s World

The leaves changing, her favorite seasons falling into line
He smiles as he thinks of her laughter
She never knew that she knew about him than anyone else
He knew what she was thinking
She was wrong

Her laughter, her smile, her eyes
Lit up his life
Helped him wake up everyday

She never knew how much happiness she brought around her

She thought that she was no one

To him she was someone

He spins her around the room
Waiting for that laughter
Her head thrown back, he hears it
He smiles wider

She never thinks he needs her
She’s so wrong

He hugs her from behind
Feeling like he’s at home
With her scent around him

The warmth of the light cast
With Fall decorations on the outside

She never lets a holiday silde by without something to show for it

To him she’s always someone in his world

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Breaking Noise

He breaks the silence with the soft melody
The madness in his head stops
The screams fade
Her ghost is there again
Watching from the front row
Taking everyone away
He begins to play for her
Like he does every night

Her smile a shadow of the woman he once loved

He sings to her all the what ifs that should have happened
He tells her all his pain after he left
The tears falling but everyone thinks it sweat under the hot lights
His heart is breaking as he talks about the long nights
The chats with demons that don’t even want to touch him
Because the hurt is to be big
Not even alochol can numb it

She was his weakness
She made the world spin
She kept the nightmares away

His eyes scan the crowd and realizes he’s not dreaming
She’s standing in the crowd
Miles away from her home

He cues the band
They continue to play

She quickly turns around
He hears the screaming in his ear
He knows everyones wants
For one night…..For one night
He’s going after what he wants.

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Thousands, But Only One Memory

She hears his voice
She stills
Taken back to the fall
The warmth
His smile held just for her

Back then she believed in Fairy Tales
He was her Prince

He was her everything

He could play to thousands
She would get front row seats to his vibrancy

His lips were the same lips that kissed her that day
Those words he composes
Were the same words that he wrote down
While she wiped tables

Everything he did, he did with her in mind

When he got to big for that small town
She tried to hold on
His eyes just moved farther away from her
He took a bus out of that little town

She saw his exploits
She saw the women that draped on his arm

He could play to thousands
After the curtains would go down
His eyes closed, she’d be there in his memory

He played for her

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Hearts Never Forgetting

The smoke, the pain
The tears falling as it hit the news
Just a kid, watching it all fall apart

Wondering if this was going to be WWII, all over again
Pearl Harbor rising from the past
So many enlisting
Running to defend
Running to find a way to bring peace back

The world changed within 3 hours
Nothing was the same again

20 years…20 years
The memories don’t fade
The fear of that day rode high
Hearts were beyond broken

Bodies never found
Dogs felt like failures when they worked so hard

Disheartening pain

20 years later, waking up, hoping everything’s going to ok
Never forgetting

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Tribe Composure

Crouch back into the unknown
Hide behind banners of righteousness

Singing to be heard
Wanting to be seen
Longing to be read

Trolls are standing around
Waiting to break down the masses
Too many hiding behind text, phone calls and a computer screen

Don’t let them see how their words hurt you
Fight back
Keep pushing, soon enough they’ll lose their composure
Soon they’ll be crying
Saying how unfair life is

Let them snowflake their ways around
Flopping like a fish out of water

Crouch back into the unknown
Until you feel your Tribe right there
Holding you steady

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Wall Covering Masks

These days are passing faster
I want to write
I want to pour my heart out

Instead I’m covering behind a wall
I don’t want the world to know my feelings
There can’t be pain and suffering
Everything needs to be Facebook perfect
The right punctuation
The right smiles with blank stares
The perfect lives

I can’t fit into that mold
I never had a family that looked that good
Only lies followed around
Playing the Gemini or the Cancer
Going back and forth
Til the lies became truths
The masks became apart of my face

I’m covering behind a wall
I just need a moment
To process
To deal
Stow away the tears
Organize my life back to holding it all together

I don’t want the world to know my feelings
Because September is the hardest month for me

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Flag’s Crying, Fistful of Stupid

You want to show the world that you’re old enough to fight
Your fists are up
You’re ready to defend your little world
Your defenses are up as well
But the power behind your convictions
Are still wobbly at best
They can change at a moment

Reaching out to the youth of the world

Crying out for what the previous has done

Wanting the empty promises that were left by the generations before
Instead everyone is too quick to leave a dying planet

You want to lead the world to victory
But you have to start at hoome
Fix yourself first
Find what you’re fighting for
Before you raise the flag and start running

Your fingers are pointing everywhere but you never notice on that same hand there’s fingers pointing back at you