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Restful Love, Youthful Memories

Remember the breeze in your hair
Hes sitting next to you in the driver seat
Your feet up on the dash
The wind in your hair
He’s singing that song in your ear
Not paying attention to the road like he should

He loved you like you were the last girl on Earth for him

He held onto that truck as long as he could
Tile he had to be responsible and trade it in

You pushed him away
The heart pounding against your chest
Calling you a liar as you let him go

He called for you
His heart screaming your name
His life hanging in a balance
As he tried to reach you

Pain found you
Heartbreak was that summer’s theme

As you two tried to find your way out of the boxes you were put into

Until he broke free and came found you

That summer will never be forgotten

Two lovers came together against all the wishes of others

That truck has all the memories
It still sits in the garage
Restored and well loved like the old couple in the kitchen holding hands

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Heart Calling In

Every time that damn phone rings
My breath gets caught in my throat
I’m trying to hold on my sanity

You make me scream
You tear my heart apart

I don’t know if I’m coming or going with you

I lose my footing with you
I don’t want to be this way
But one word from you
Twists my heart
Break it in half
Don’t bother sewing it back up

Everyone has that one person in their life
That can twist their insides
Hurt them with just a few words

I’ve got too many to count
I’ve got everyone trying to trample over me

Then he comes
Pushes the crowd away
His hands wrap around me
He’s got me
Making me stop being the door mat
Guards me
Knows I’m not okay even when I say what everyone wants to hear


She’s lying there, lies falling from her mouth just to make everyone happy
She’s got this world on her shoulders
She’s trying to bring peace to my mind
Not let me worry about anything
But whose taking care of her?

She’s the one that can make the world better for everyone else
But whose making her world better for her

Ever since I’ve known her she has had everyone’s back

But they never saw her
They never appreciated all the things she did for them

If I have to make her stopping being everyones door mat
I’d rather her live happy
Then be taken for granted

I’d rather protect her
Then see her be hallow with fake love

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Clutching The Demons

Left to the clutches
Never had a chance
Meant to be alone
Not use to the help
Not use to all the love
There must be a reason
There must be a hidden agenda

Her arms wrap around him
Making his mind stop

She clears the confusion
She won’t let him go through this alone

He’s still used to dealing with everything on his own

Its harder to let someone in

It’s a shock when he still sees her here

When that anxiety takes over
He can’t breathe
He wanted to stay angry
Let it all out
Be damned
Who cares who gets hurts
As long as its him striking

Her hand reaches his
The beast cowers away

She expects nothing from him
She doesn’t want this anger
She just wants him
He’s everything to her
When the demons stir
When he feels like this world is too much
She’s got him
She pulls him close

She feels him finally breathe
Her eyes shut
She never wants him to be alone
To feel alone

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Mists Arrival

You can handle the day
It never bothers you
Its when the night comes
The mist surrounds you
Her smell
Her laughter
The house was filed with so much love
She brought your dead heart to life
Now its all dead and gone

You never thought she’d leave
But only so much bullshit can someone stand up against

She left your heart, but it’s like a light
It’ll still be shining

Every night you think that she’ll come home
That everything will be forgiven
You say that you don’t give second chances, but for her
You would

The laughter rings as the mist pulls away
Morning night breathes through
You sigh with relief
You survived another night

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Beginning of another Tail

He was supposed to be the hero
He was supposed to say all the right lines
But he got the wrong script

He was wearing the fangs and the contacts got stuck
That boyish smile didn’t seem so innocent

He walked around her like his own personal prey

His crimson eyes stared straight into her soul

He was tired of the good boy image

He grabbed her like she was about to be his lunch

But all he said was Saranghae

Her tipped over
Her eyes closed
She was almost caught in his spell

He broke it before it went even further

The deer put her trust in the wolf

This wasn’t going to end well

He sniffered her neck
A short shudder ran through him

What was he going to do with Little Red Riding Hood now?

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Fandom Wronged

Break her back
Slam her to the floor
Then run back and murmur
“Im so sorry baby.”
Tug her along like your rag doll
Hide her from the sight of your fans

They’ll never know how evil you truly are
Let them believe that there isn’t an monster hiding behind the flash of the lights

Forget about her while you enjoy the screams
The fans that clamour for your attention

You lyrics tell a different side
They show the psycho that’s hiding

No one pays attention to the red flags

You are the world’s golden boy
The world’s everything

Until the gun turns on you
You’re faced with all your hyprocritisy
The lies you amassed

Someone came to save her

He was 10x the man you’ll never be

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Beautiful Realization

Before she goes crazy
Before she loses her heart again
Here her out

Stop the accusations
Stop the twisting of the heart
Stir your words

The truth hits before you can correct yourself
2x in one day is too much for her

From the beginning, she was just there to soothe the wounds
You never truly let her in, did you

She’s taken back to a conversation in another kitchen, in another lifetime
The questions are dropping from her mouth
Her heart is on the line
Her pride is trying to salvage her body before it breaks down to sobs

You were never truly yourself with her

You’ve been a shadow of the man that she’s wanted from the beginning

You stirred feelings in her just to make waves

When she starts to let go
You dive in after her
Your heart is on the line now
You finally see the future

She’s got your heart
You could never tell when you fell in love with her
She just snucked in
From that day forward
She’s been your Queen, you’re one and only

You have messed up
You tore that beautiful smile away
You betrayed her trust
She looked at you like you were the last man on Earth
You broke her heart

Now you’re trying to save her
Holding onto her waist tightly against you
Until she remembers who you are

You dive for her
You bandage her skin
You sew her heart together again

All the lies are cleared
All the stupid you did spew forth at that kitchen table
You put your world on hold
Because without her there’s no tomorrow

She became everything to you, before you even knew it
You couldn’t wake up without seeing her face

She’s everything that you didn’t know that you needed

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Stray Juliet

The stars on the ceiling still twirl
Little eyes following the movement
Until the sandman comes

Lost in songs that can send a child to sleep

Long days
Fun times

Never knowing where to go from here

Having no one to guide
Give some sound advice
Always lost
Can’t stand the fake love
The lies, the back stabbing

Lost in songs that can send a child to sleep
Never influencing
She’s got to make her own mind up

The stars on the ceiling still twirl

Now 16, looking out at the world
Thinking she knows everything
Wanting to burst out
Do things on her own

Trying to get her to slow down
Listen to reason
She won’t be having none of that

Turn around, now shes 21
On her own
Finding her way
Into a boy’s arms that aren’t ready

He knows he needs her
He knows she’s the one
Her mind is on the future
Never in the present

He thinks he’ll be her Romeo
She’s rather fit into the shoes of a pathetic Juliet

She’s ready to live

Find the one that she’s missing

He emerges with diesel on his hands and leather work boots
She feels her heart still
Here comes 23, please be good to me

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Discovery of Another Life

She’s never seen moves like these
Behind that calm facade, was fire under her
She never knew as she watched her

The same face that can bring a principal down to his knees

Is now moving like her life depends on it

Out of nowhere, there’s grace
The voice that comes out of her mouth
Can’t be the same person

She turns away for a moment
She mouths one word
That would get her to stop
But the little girl doesn’t want her to stop

She turns back never knowing this side of her mama

The hips, the sway, the way she sweats

Her mom use to be a wild child

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Warped Melody

Let his low tones rock you to sleep
Let his warm arms hug you from behind
His names always on your lips

Live in the memories
Then wake up
Let him go
You’re right where you’re suppose to be

Let the morning warm you instead

Turn awya from his beckoning gaze

You’ll nwver have the same boy again
He won’t be the same

That boy died a long time ago

The man you’ll meet is nothing like your dream filled images

The broken calls to be fixed
The hurt won’t mend
Unless you break yourself for him

Sacrifice the person you are
To pull him away from hell
Become like a swan
Transform all you fought for
To enable his addictions
Let him play victim a little longer

While you suffer all of his hate
Let him rise over you

Remember as you there in ashes
No one can make you a victim except yourself

Push him back with all of your might
Drop the chains
Stand up as the storm stirs
Feel your blood boil

Put the shackles on him
See his true colors
Before you lose everything that you’ve fought for

Scream against the oncoming storm

No more suffering
No more fighting for whose in charge

Scream into the storm
Until you’re freed