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Mindblowing Kindness

No voice can replace yours
Your hands hold me still
Your piercing looks are giving me hell

Your eyes always looking into mine
Drawing me back to your gaze

I’d rather turn away then deal with you

You’re ripping my heart out
You’re getting glimpses into my life
I’d rather kick you out
I’d rather not let you close

There’s no choice

Your hands hold me still
Your piercing looks are giving me hell

I can’t stand against the tower of you
Leaning over me
I can’t fight back
Because my body refuses to hurt you

I’d rather turn away
Then deal with the next words that are about to come out of your mouth
I’d rather not get hurt by you again

Your smile can punch a hole straight through me

Like lightening, I have no defenses against you

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Searching Through

Through the darkness
I feel you searching for me
The mists parts
Your eyes meets mine
The whole world tilts

Through the forests, you emerge

Clothed in black
Your hair slicked back
Regret surrounding you

Lost in thought,
The moody boy that you’ve always been
Attracts so much attention
Never could get past the circle of women in your black book

Even now, you’re still searching

You don’t even know what

Just knowing that something’s missing in your life

Keeps you going
Keeps your heart still beating
Lonely beds even though there are bodies in them
Still leaves you craving for the balcony
The wind caressing your hair like a lover

Until the fog sets in over London

You’re still searching

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Crow Stories

The crow sits there
Judgy eyes staring straight into your soul
You shift uneasily, knowing it’s from her
Knowing that she’s got this whole witchy thing going on
You haunt her dreams
When morning’s light shines through
Your ears are ringing because she’s cursing your name til evening sunset

You’ve left a mark on her
But her mark cut you deeper
You’re just better at hiding it

You set the folded paper next to the crow

Then watch in awe as it takes it in its claws and fly away
Her bite marks on your neck still tingle
So does the confession on your lips, left unsaid

The crow pecks at her garden gate
His eyes squinting as she comes forward
Raising his wings in greeting
He drops that human’s note
With a scoff he flies to the seeds she always leaves just for him

“Life without you isn’t the same as life with you.”

She bowed her head, the crow sqwacked at her, shaking his head.
Stupid human made her cry again

He vowed he would make a mess of his front yard

He lifted his head, That stupid human wasn’t doing it?
He flew to the roof of the house in time to see “the stupid human” get out of his car
He crowed as he watched the idiot walk to the gate.
He dived and watched in satisfaction as the stupid ducked
Mine, he thought.

He taps his talons on the gate as the guy walks back to his car

He looks towards her window noticing that the curtains fluttered
His heart breaks for his mistress
This idiot wasn’t it

Then nearly jumps and flaps his wings as he sees the idiot shoving fruits, peanuts and something white at him
Sucker snuck up on me

The man puts his eyes down while his hand is held out
The crow looks between the window and the idiot
Fluffs his wings and knows a decision needs to be made
He looks again at the window but then is surprised when the idiot is looking at the window too
He sees the hope on his face

He reaches down cautiously and quickly picks a peanut
The idiot jumps back when he feels the beck grace his palm
He whoops with a big smile like a kid that got candy
He stops as he sees the crow looking at him, almost mockingly
He calms down quickly and sticks his hand out again

A swing of a gate crashing has the boys stopping and staring as she rounds the corner her eyes going from one to another

She glares at the crow, her friend, her familiar, “Et tu Brutus?”

Then rounds on the idiot handing out treats to her bird like it was his pet.

“Get lost Gavon and take your treats with you.”

Her broom sweeping towards him like he’s part of the dust.

He stutters and looks at the bird for help……

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Shying from Nightmares

There are days when the screaming won’t leave me alone
Some days where I just want to run away from the bugs
The trauma still haunts me
Though some parts are blurred
Some Parts of it are so real and repeats in my head
My nightmares fill in the holes that I’m missing

Some nightmares become dreams
Me, a better person
Over it

Sometimes I wake up
Pretending to be stronger
Making it through on medicated happiness
Thinking its not a big deal
Until I meet the stuff that makes up my nightmares
Then I cower, hyperventilating, wanting to curl into a ball
Have to have someone step in and take it away

I want to stand tall
Not hide in my room
I want to be able to be in a dark room, with no windows
No doors closed
Not let the fear over take me

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Seconds to Hallucinations

Come to me
Let the chords wrap around us
As the crowds surround us

So many voices
So many looks
But we’re locked into our own little world

Swirling past the clocks that are telling that we’re running out of it

Your lips smeared with my red lipstick

Your eyes loses the sight of me
Facing the darkness
I whisper that I will always love you

I can’t stand with you anymore
I can’t let you come any closer

I’m still holding you at arms length
While I hold the gun against the world
Surviving through this war
No one is going to win tonight

There’s going to be more scars on my heart
There’s going to be more tears

You said you knew that this was going to happen
But I wanted hope to rise
I bled more because I gave it all

Swirling past the clocks
They’re all runnin out of time

Lose sight

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Death, Love and Short Fluff

When met with the Grim Reaper
His heart stopped
She was use to the looks that they got
They were waiting for a man to show up with black coat
Never a woman in a fedora hat and high heeled boots
Ripped jeans, flowing blouse adorning her appealing figure

He stared at her and didn’t ask the usual, “Am I dead?”

He had her taking a step back, “Will you go on a date with me?”

She looked at him suspicously, he didn’t smell like he had alochol in him
She shook her head, “Yes.” She heard herself reply.
She looked around, only to see Eros arrow sticking out of her back
From that day forward she hated the meddling Cupid
She took a certain glee after this was all said and done to take couples
Which left the loving God fuming


Although at present she wanted to know what to do with this man
Exactly what did she get herself into?

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Fast Curves, Dying Hearts

He climbed into the car, revving the engine as soon as he started it
He wanted to run from here
She was leaving
He wanted to go with her
He just didn’t think he belonged in her world
He didn’t feel like she belonged anywhere near his
She was destined for greater things
She was meant to do more
She was going onto greater things
He taught her to fight back
To start to stand on her own
He saw the changes started to happen
He knew he wasn’t the man for her
She depended on him so much
But there was somone else for her
He saw it in his dreams
He was going to come to her broken
He was going to need her as much as she needed him
He was going to be her everything

He gunned the engine, shifted gears
He felt his heart beat harder
He knew what was going to happen

She always warned him never to drive fast
He smiled to himself, this would be the last time he took Deadman’s Curve

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Chicago Grave

The rain is falling and your name is still on my lips
Why did it have to go this way
Our happy ending wasn’t suppose to be like this
I’m not suppose to be at your grave

There would have been a chance for us
Its been 21 years since you’ve left this Earth
I left Chicago and never looked back

We met by chance
You died by destiny
I forged my own way
Never again would I do her bidding
You were there to give me the strength
It was suppose to be you and me heading back to my hometown
But you left me at your grave

I had to learn to go on my own

I had to forget the promises you made
Cause the dead can’t keep them

All I know is I hope you’re watching me
I hope you see everything that I’m doing
I never looked back after you left me

But there are days when your name is still on my lips

You would have been my savior
You would have stood up for me
Like no one else has

But I had to find my own footing
I had to deal my own way

But know you’re name is never forgotten

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King of Spades and Love

Like a myth, she came along
Trapped the King, right where she wanted him
Barbed wire, wrapping around his heart
Until he couldn’t breathe
She sashayed away
Her heart not burdened
He had to follow, stumbling, his ego busted
His annoyance growing
Only repeating the words that she wanted

Until he began to believed them
The barbed wire started to loosen its hold
He started to find himself able to breathe again

The scent of her, made it easier for him, day by day
He no longer looked for a way to escape
He no longer stood there blocking her way
No more fights

He broke his own spell when he finally fell

When she couldn’t stand the pain that he showed
When she saw the hurt on his face
She released him

She wasn’t as immune as she liked everyone to believe

His eyes widened when the barbed wire went back to her
When he could breathe
When was about say the words
She faded from his sight
She sacrificed herself

He screamed, he banged the tile til it gave way

For so long he looked pain, it hurt worst to lose her
To watch her fade like dandelion seeds in the wind

His fists bled but he didn’t care
It wasn’t enough, he had to find a way back to her
He had to have her back

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Dandelions Wind

His eyes are set on the prize
He’s lost in his anger
He’s lost in the memories of the past
His stance is rigid
His heart is beating
Every time her face pops into the front of his mind

He punches with his left
Everytime the reminder of their kiss
He punches with his right

He dances around the punching bag
Trying to side step the memories that are flooding his brain

Her eyes, the way she slept, the way she looked at him
Make his breathing heavier

She’s like a song on repeat
That won’t let him sleep at night
Won’t let him go
She grips him
Until sunlight comes up, then she’s fading with the bright light like a mist

His heart beating like a hummingbird
He’s trying to catch the breath that she took away
Until night comes then it starts all over

His hands wrapped around her waist
Her eyes on his face

He shuts his eyes in pain