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Cast Out, Wishing for the best

You weren’t ready for my words
You never were
Either you cast them out like the rest
Ignoring me is what I’m use to

Or you get so embarrassed

When you can’t handle me at my worst
Why should you be around when I’m at my best?

I’m not the same girl after you starred me down

I realized that we weren’t meant to be friends to begin with

When you felt the need to be rude and callous to me

We were always looked down by others but never expected it from you
So when my words came out and I said the truth
We were done because you didn’t want to hear it at all

You don’t come around
You don’t know

You have no clue
Keep it that way
Keep believing the worst
We all prefer it that way

Why should you be here when all the best is coming around

Did you ever wonder why you’ve had bad luck?
Did you ever wonder why you’re falling?

Hang in there I don’t wish the worst for you
I’d rather be cheering you on

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Falling for the Honest Heart

I can’t let you know too much

I’m more afraid that I’ll be used again

I’ve done it all by myself the best I could

He finally sees me, now he saids I’m in his heart

My brain is fighting this every which way

The independent girl within me can’t believe that someone could fall in love with me

I’ve been by myself so long

Finding my way on my own

Now someone wants to share my burdens wants to be let in

All I want to do is say it’s no ones business when he tries to take care of me

I’m not use to this
I’m not use to sharing this
Everyone before him, has failed me
Every man that ever came into my life couldn’t stand me for more than 10 minutes

…..What makes him different?

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Fake mirrors and Crystal Clear Smoke

Feelings of loneliness come and go
There are nights when I wish you truly saw me but I know better

You use to make me believe that you were so strong
That you had me by the strings
You made me feel that I couldn’t fight against your ways

Until I realized you were making fake castles so you could gain your height against me

But you were never strong
It was your fake mirror holding the charade
It was your flying monkeys circling making the mist swirl so I couldn’t see through it

When I finally see through the smoke and mirrors
I see someone that can never touch me and mine again
It’s not all about you anymore

I’m clearing away the museum, finding my way past it all

I emerge realizing I am stronger than you

You’re losing this battle tonight.

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Heart Miracles

She runs through the forest, her bow and arrows on her back
Pushing herself harder to outrun the dogs and the guards
Her hair tied back from her face
Her eyes letting the tear drops drop

He was always within her reach but never close enough
Like the Moon and the Sun, always so close but never together

HIs eyes let nothing go
He was guarded the whole time
Her eyes searched for him every time
She was drawn to him
Which led her to this

She was suppose to leave sooner
But she wanted to see him for a bit longer
Just to watch him and make sure this was what he wanted
She waited for a signal, anything, to let her know that he wanted out
But he played his role well, he never once showed his old self
Not once did he reach out to her

Now she was on the run, her heart left back with him

She’d need a miracle now

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7 Wonders, sights, thoughts

Feel the world swimming
The stars circling around us
This big world only touches a small part of us

Those 7 wonders are out of our reach
But there are times when I feel like we can reach out and touch it
Sometimes our world grows a bit more
We reach out and see it from right where we are
We hold onto it with both hands
Feeling like a scene out of The Neverending Story

Looking into the Empress’s eyes

Feel the world swimming
As we hold each other
Snuggled away from the stupidity
The judgemental words
The fake smiles
It’s just you and me sailing to the 7 wonders of the world
Away from all of this ….

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Short Whims

I feel the night soar
The world was closing down
I needed this moment to just breathe
Needed a little bit more shut eye
A place to just be me

I feel the day pass so quickly
The morning dew glistens on my skin
As I wake up, knowing the night before
Nothing was as it seemed

I felt the dandelions dancing against my skin as they became seeds
I heard the giggling over the quiet meadow
Reached out and let the peace fill me

Needed a little bit more of shut eye
A place to just be me

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Winter’s Envy

He’s rising from the ashes that you left him behind in

A psychologist can sit there and tear apart my words
I’m always writing about the wounded, the weak
I’m always bringing light to the endangered, the unlove

You’ve got to realize at one point in all our lives we lived there for a few

Some got out,
Some didn’t

He was one of the ones that didn’t
He only had his light shinning on him
He only breathed when you let him rise a little over the ashes

Then you would beat him down
Your jealously is showing
You can’t hide behind your 2 faced sides anymore

So instead you trash his name
Curse the fact that he did it all on his own
Keep thinking that he had help

He had no one there for him from the time you left him in the ashes
He can’t trust anyone
He won’t let himself

So while you sit there feeling green,
He’s rising from the ashes

No one to cheer him on, or give him support
He’s doing this on his own

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Shinning Lightness

He pulls up like a knight in a stolen car
He stole daddy’s car again
A little rich boy lost with all this money to his name
Trying to find his place in a shadow of a father that commands the world
Heads over to the wrong side of the tracks
Finding her interesting
Wanting to be humble
Wanting to like the rest of the peasants
But his attitude has to change
It’d be different if he lived in a trailer
But little boy has money so every girl thinks he’s hot shit

She’s shaking her head as she sees dust kick up
Here comes the big man to take the little boy down

Just before he can reach him, she grabs his hand
Makes him disappear, only the car left behind
He sees her pulse at her neck as she ducks down with him
Protecting him, shielding him from the man’s wrath that she knows will be coming if he’s found

He admires her, never seeing her in this light before
She jumps as his father hits the top of the car and hugs him closer to her
His heart stutters …….”Oh shit,” he thinks to himself, then his mouth finds her and the world fades.

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Blurted Out Thoughtfulness

She thinks he’s only after her for lust
She doesn’t have anything he wants
He’s trying with all his might to convince her differently
He doesn’t know why he wants her but he wants to explore
To figure this out
She’s the girl that has gotten under his skin
She’s reluctant to open up
But once she does she’ll fall in love
Her loyalty is stronger than any other
She protects fiercely
She gives her everything
But she doesn’t think he has anything to give her
He knows that she’s holding back when he kisses her
He feels her hesitate as he tries to get her to him
She doesn’t want to be another notch on his bedpost
His secrets warn her not to step further
He’s already told her that nothing about him is any of her business
But his mouth invites otherwise
His eyes say something different when his shield goes up

He wants her with all of his heart
He’s hers but for right now
Is what her brain is yelling at her

Her eyes widen as soon as she said outloud exactly what she was thinks and all she gets from him is a smirk…..”Shit.”

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Existing for your love

Secrets you hold, push me closer to you
I never wanted to know about you
You were good being in your own world
I was ok being in mine
Dreaming about you
Was as close as I could get to you

You were like a shooting star that was suppose to pass by
Never looking my way, just acknowledging my presence
You had everyone else in your heart, not me

But then it took one look and all of a sudden I looked differently to you
All of a sudden it was me saving your life
I didn’t know what I was doing
I was naive, I believed in happily ever afters
You were jaded, tough and unbroken

But then you showed me your dragon’s heart was tarnished
Your eyes held the broken shard of your heart
Your armor was damaged
You were tired of trying
I pulled you back from the edge
Tried to teach you the beauty of life
You pushed me away when it came to flying a kite
You thought I was crazy to run barefoot in the dark,
My skirt swishing as I danced under the full moon
You thought I was crazy to dress up every Halloween

I live like a child, loving every moment that I get
Because I don’t have long to live
I’m happy with the time I have
So as I pull you back from the edge
I hope you see me trying to teach you the beauty of life
With every fiber of my being