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Small World, Lots of Love

When he leaves she cries at the door
He’s her hero
He can save the world for her
He means so much to her
He keeps her safe and warm
When the world crashes on her
She calls out to him and he swoops in
He is her own personal Captain America
Every hero she sees that flashes across the screen
Is another hero embodying her daddy
He is her world
He can save the world for her
He brings a big smile on her face

And as she grows, as she changes
She still looks to him
Her eyes get wide and she smiles the same smile that he has
When they’re together you see who she truly admires
He’s her 3000, the bright star in her life

And as I watch them, I smile because when her heart gets broken
Heaven help the boy that does it

Because her daddy would come running for his baby girl

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Disconnected Lines

Every heart that aches, every heart that breaks
I stand there with another box
My head held high
Toss it in the shed and move on

You can walk away from me
Let your lies keep you warm
Sending your words through the lines
Until my phone pings
Thinking you’re so brave
When you don’t even have the guts to say it all to my face

These boys are something else
The ghosting, the cuffing, the hiding before the computers
The trolls won’t stay under their bridge
Thinking they’ll do damage but the greatest thing ever invented was the power button

Walk around in the shadows, your face never revealed
Your voice never heard
You think you can walk away from me
Let your lies keep you warm
Sending your words through the lines
But my phone is already off

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Lessons Learned and finding better times

I wasn’t ready to see your face
I wondered what you thought when you saw me
Your eyes widened as we stood across from each other
I was so surprised by the look on your face
For a moment I thought you were happy
Your hand reached out to me

I didn’t mean to draw back but all the memories overwhelmed me
I didn’t know what to do but to pull away
You were so mean to me
You and your buddies drove my life from bearable to a living hell

I would have liked to see the younger me and told her there were better times coming
That these fools were only part of her life for a little bit
But there was no hero to save me from that hell
School wasn’t my escape anymore
Neither was home
I had no where to go
Every place that I tried to find refuge was ruined by some stupid boy or another

I was a lost soul wandering around a small town, wondering what was so bad about me
One mistake and I was condemned and as long as I lived in that town, it was miserable

A home is what you make it

I finally found my refuge, found strong arms and I can build someone else up instead of tearing them down

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Got through the Hard Times to Become Something More

I would have given his my faith
I would have followed him to the ends of the world
I would have let him take over me
Make me his completely

I was asking for torture
But I wanted an escape from all of this
Someone to take over me
Take me away from the pain
I wasn’t ashamed at the chance to be overcomed

I thought I was weak
I thought I had nothing going for me
There’s always that one person that you would let have their way
He wass that for me

But then one day I woke up
I saw the girl standing there
Like something from a horror movie
I didn’t want to be her anymore
I didn’t want the weakness to run wild
I wanted to be free from being under everyones thumb

So I broke that mirror, cut my hair
Got my life back
Became someone that he and anyone else from my path wouldn’t recognize
The accused drama queen found her peace

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It’s His Fight

Left him shaking in the doorway
She threw her evil smile over her shoulder at him
As she walked away
Another stumble and then he collapsed in front of the door

She left him where he was the phone already to her ear
Two phone calls, a taxi hailed, she left the crime scene with grace and pride in tact

I rushed over as soon as I got off the phone
Running at full speed to make it to his apartment
Bursting through the door only to find a hole where his heart was
His hands twitching
Tears frozen on his face
His gazed over eyes staring straight through me

She did it again, the player playing the game
He was her causality, now she’s moved on
Only thing left at the crime scene is a broken man and her red scarf

Days go by, she sits next to him, willing him back to life
The only way to break the spell is that he has to have the will

The want, the need
It’s all in his corner

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Blanketed Covered Hearts

Around this world, its blanketed
The silent crunch of snowfall beneath his feet
The cool air makes his warm breath appear even more

Her hand nestled in his jacket as they stand over the rocks that she put together
She couldn’t go
She couldn’t attend
Her eyes still haven’t shed a tear
Nothing has been said

He sees the pain that comes over like a cloud when someone mentions his name
She is stoic, silent and his eyes dart over her, worried
She is the epitome of coolness
But soon he knows she’ll break
When she finally lets herself
He’ll be there cradling her in his arms
Holding her against him

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Overcoming Bets

He was the outcast
You had your bets against him
Thinking he wouldn’t be much
Condemned him from the beginning
He proved all of you wrong

He raised himself in silence
Did what was best
Protected those that showed loyalty to him
Let go of the others
Moved on, though he was broken
He did his best
Love came and went
But he told her that he never knew love until her
That he didn’t think anyone would believe in him
Push him to be a better man
Love him back to life

He was alone for so long
He tried so hard
He wanted so much
But was afraid to dream
He didn’t think someone like him deserved a good life
He couldn’t handle another heartbreak
Another person that was against him

He didn’t fail, for once
He started succeeding
He started to find his way
He started figuring out how to love
He started learned how to trust
He found his way
To what he wanted

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Smiling Through Loveless

She won’t shed a tear
She holds it all in and all together
She walks the path not many are willing to travel
She pushes against all the shit everyone throws at her
She’s been getting stronger every year
Holding it all in her hands
Twirling the world
No one listens to her prophecies
Everyones too busy running around with their hearts hanging out
Until they need a tarot reading
Until they need their palms read
Then everyone comes along with money to throw at her
Flattery goes to her

She won’t let the anger come out
She holds it all in and all together
She won’t let the world fall apart
Even though she flaming with heat
She tackles everything
And if you have nothing nice to say
She’ll ignore you
She won’t tolerate it anymore

Everyones too busy
Until they need something

She’s holding on but just barely

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Frozen Tears, Sad Heart

You’ve burned your way to me
You’ve pushed me down
Now all I’ve got is myself
I’m use to doing this alone

I’m lost in this life without you
My heart hurts but I haven’t had time to shed tears
I couldn’t even be at your funeral
I couldn’t even say goodbye
Because I had so many things planned that I couldn’t miss

No one understands how alone I feel even surrounded by people
My heart screams as I think about you
I hate that you didn’t know me and I didn’t know you
I couldn’t even say goodbye and my heart hurts

I’m so awkward in this life
I don’t know how to deal with people anymore
I don’t know what words to say because this world has changed too much

My eyes are hidden and I don’t even have the time to shed the tears
No one knows how my days look like
Because I can’t share too much
I’m tired of keeping everything to my chest
But I can’t be free
Because I’m always on guard
Waiting for that other shoe to drop
Waiting for this life to show its true colors

For a girl that just wanted to be loved
I’m never letting my guard down
Because you’re gone
And too many have failed me

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Spinning Player

Grab my hand
Spin me around
Touch my heart
Hold me close

You’ve got all these sweet charms about me

But if you don’t have my best interest at heart

Stop right there
I can’t do this with a player
I don’t have time to learn your monopoly ways
I can’t put my life on hold for someone that’s not going to be there for someone like me
Who won’t even bring me home to mama

I’ve got more time on my hands
But its all going to myself
It’s all got to be the way it goes

My heart isn’t there to be put on a clothesline
I’m not here for your once notice of me

I’ve got so much more going for me
I’ve got my life planned out
I’ve got the music in my ears and my feet pounding on the pavement
Now you need to play catchup
If you want me