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2020 – The year in review

“Yeah, no, I’ll pass.” She replied.

The reporter blinked at her mutiple times, “Excuse me?”

She shrugged, “Some people hated it, some loved it, some felt like it was an invasion into their rights. Some were completely idiotic and some relished in the 6 feet apart. Me, nothing changed. Being an introvert was the best thing I ever was. I didn’t want someone breathing down my neck, getting into my bubble space. I like wearing a mask because and people not seeing my expressions, only my eyes. The world needed this space but I didn’t like people dying, people saying it was fake, being sheeple. I didn’t like that this gave people more excuses to turn ruder. It showed that people do need human touch, human interaction.

It took a pandemic to show that.”

The reporter sat there shell shocked.

“As to my year in review, Dickins said it best, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.” -A tale of Two Cities

But above all, it reminded us to be humble and not to take for granted what we had, the freedom to come and go. It hurt the kids the most, losing their interactions, watching them stay at home, their education interrupted because no one knew what to do, misinformation left and right, it felt like a failed social experiments and yes the adults suffered but every parent said they wouldn’t want to be kid during the pandemic for the very reason of it was hard to explain what happened and why everything changed.”

So yeah this year in review, hindsight is 2020, there’s going to be a lot of people eating black eyed peas and doing other new years superstitions with the hope that 2021 is better.”

She stood up and walked away, a tear shinning at the corner of her eye.

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Til the End, fighting

I don’t say a word
For a bit I get a little bit of silence
My eyesight is fading
But I’m living every minute like its my last
Holding onto these little moments
Letting go of situations that I can’t change

If I don’t leave an impression on your life
I wasn’t good for anything
If you don’t feel the ache from missing me
When I’m gone then it shows that I never touched your heart to begin with

You won’t notice when I’m gone
I was just left here to carry on the things you tossed aside

I was one of those things

My eyesight is fading
But I still hold myself up

I refuse to ask anyone for help
Because I want to walk on my own
I want to say I lived
I’m doing the best I can
I won’t ask for help

I won’t feel the pity I saw
The doubts
Not one moment of being told that someone was proud of me
Instead I feel discomfort if I hear anything like that

So I hold myself up
Push through this

I’ll make it til the very end

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Pre New Year’s Chaos

He swings her by his place
A trap is already set
Her eyes widen as they walk into the room

No other girl has had this honor

He sees her expression
Smiles to himself
It hadn’t even been a week since they got together
But he was ready for the all the milestones

She looked down, there was no time to change

Here she went

Transitioning from what was to what is

He took her hand, held it tight
A smile on his face
Her’s frozen in place

Meeting the parents 2 days before New Years Eve

She groaned to herself, this was going to be a hell of a memory
Hell of a story to tell their kids, he thought to himself

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Busy Love

We’re back to life
Trying to survive against the craziness

People coming out of the woodwork
Trying to pry into our lives
Trying to see where we stand with one another

Sometimes I’d rather kidnap you and take us to a cabin in the middle of nowhere

Let you know how I feel
Confess to you all over again
Remind you that I don’t want anyone else

You’re holding my heart
Late at night
I wanted to reach over and touch you
I crave you
I want your skin against mine
I want to forget all of our responsibilites
I want to be able to love you

But we’re so busy with this life
Sometimes I worry that you don’t hear enough
Sometimes I wonder if you know that I love you
That every story I read, every story I watch
Reminds me of you

I hope you know that the day I go
I loved you with every fiber of my feeling
I want to be able to love you

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Recovering from the Holidays

You’re pulling me back up
You’re reminding me that you’ve got me
You’re pulling me through
Holding my hand tight
Your warmth coursing through me
Bringing my temperature back up
Reminding me that I’m still human
Your heart against my ear
You’re pulling me away from the defeat
The words that are running on repeat in my head
You’re kissing away the negativity
You’re hugging the warmth back into me
Reminding me I’m nothing like them

You’re bringing back to bed with you
Pulling me close
Loving me like no one else has
Breathing the life back into me
Giving me each breath with a simple kiss
Loving me
Reminding me that I’m still human
You won’t let me go until you’ve put me back together
You won’t turn away until you feel that your kisses heal me
Love me
Pull me close
You’re breathing life into my soul

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Christmas Day and You

Christmas Day!

I’m sneaking kisses from you
Pushing you under the mistletoe, every chance I get
Loving you makes me happy

You’re my present
You make my day bright
You’ve got me laughing and loving you

Sneaking kisses from me
Pushing me under the mistletoe, every chance you can
Loving me, I see that smile on your face

I hope I make you happy

You’ve got my heart
You hold me close
You make so happy

No matter what I get
You make me happy

You make this all worth it
You are my lights
You are my gift
You are my mistletoe

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Awaking Christmas Happiness

1 day til Christmas

I know I’m not suppose to call a guy pretty
But to me he is
I love watching him as he plays
He’s one of those guys that I could feel protected

He’s the type that I would love to walk a snowy path with
He brings out the sun for me
Even though my favorite are cloudy days
For him I would venture out into the sun
For him I would give up my love of winter

Having him close by to sip Hot Cocoa with
Makes my days brighter
Makes my world feel complete

He’s brings everything together
He makes my world spin faster
Just thinking about him brings a little smile to my face
Every hero in a story is him
For me, its all about him

Looking forward to Christmas morning
Means I get to see him
His smile warms my world up

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Perfect gift for Perfect love

2 days til Christmas

The countdown drumming in his head as he went from shop to shop
Girls were swooning as they saw his tall figure
The mask sitting comfortably on his face
His sunglasses masking the sweet brown eyes
The ones that makes her squirm
That crinkle with laughter usually at her antics

He wanted to find her a perfect gift for the woman that has loved him through hell and back
She was his whole world
He would rob a bank to give her everything that she wanted
She was his world
She brought his world into color

The way she bragged about how good he was to her
How much she showed her love to him
He sighed to himself

A girl giggling caught his attention
She was looking at things that screamed his girl
He got closer and found the perfect gift for her

He smiled mischievously under his mask

Now how to get it without her knowing….

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Snow Covered Continents

He never forgot that snow covered night
He has travelled the world
Always remembering the way she looked

She offered him a simple star
But he knew the weight in accepting it from a girl like her

She had waited in the cold
He wondered if she was still waiting for him

He left that night and left that star where it laid,
in the palm of her hand, is where it stayed

Her love couldn’t keep his explorer heart with her

But she still haunts him, even though he’s continents away from her
Her heart has found a way to stay with him
He thought leaving her should have been enough
But her words pierced his heart
“You’ll never forget me, you’ll look back on this night and regret not taking me with me. “

She was right even traveling to the ends of the world
She was the one person that was in his heart

The longing keeps up some nights
Every snow fall he finds whether it be on this side of the world or over
Reminds him of her face, looking up at him
Her love was written all over her face
All he had to do was reach out to her

His eyes shot open, his arm stretched out in front of him

She shimmered away and then he realized it 3 days til Christmas….

Should he take the chance?

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Faith, Fairy Dust and Christmas Spirit

Four days to go
Hearts are racing
Presents being wrapped
Christmas music being played
Wide eyes are staring over the counter top
To see what mama’s baking
Waiting for the jingle of bells to say that daddy is home

Dogs barking, yuletide greetings
Not much decorations cause it’s 2020

But that’s ok
Teaching them about Christmas spirit

Its all about how the house smells
The sounds around this time
The happiness
The feeling of excitement
The stories we share before bedtime

The love that’s shared
So much more than what we knew as kids

Hope is what we’re working toward
Miracles always happen, you just gotta catch them in action