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Sweeping Hope

He swoops in, his huge wings grace the clouds
His eyes in this form are able to see past the bullshit that blind humans

He sees the way the world is
The true ugliness that no one sees
His heart narrows in on the one pure soul
He swoops in closer, only wanting to take a closer look
Only to feel the warmth from an innocent heart
Only to find himself to be sucked into

Her bright light draws him in
Her warm smile entices him
Like a moth to a flame
An ache runs through him
How can a butterfly survive in a world being bombed

The trolls lurking, the sadness permeates through the trees

This life can kill her like pesticide

But maybe she’s his cure to the bombs that bombard his heart


"My personality is basically a mix between a needy 5 year old, a rebellious teenager making bad life choices and a 80 year old woman whose tired and needs a nap." - Luna @bpdNymph I love so hard because I know how it feels to be loved so little Labels : : Gamer, Yarn Artist, DM, Hopeful Romantic

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