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Chosen Breaths

Let’s talk about pain
As he’s lying there on the surgerical table

Let’s talk about suffering
As she gives him another breath of life
Only to lose hers little by little

Let’s talk about the intense sickening feeling
As she’s giving up her own life
Because this is what is expected of her
She was chosen as the one
She was the sacrificial lamb

Let’s see the sympathy that’s suppose to be in your eyes
Let’s see the compassion that’s lacking from your demeanor

Breathe, breathe, breathe
Like a broken chant in his head
He’s suppose to awake to a fairy tale
But instead he’s in his own hell
As he’s slowly taking away her life force so he can fulfill some stupid prophecy made by a bunch of old men hiding behind the sense of righteous
While there’s a girl losing her life in the name of love

Now tell me whose the real monster here?


"My personality is basically a mix between a needy 5 year old, a rebellious teenager making bad life choices and a 80 year old woman whose tired and needs a nap." - Luna @bpdNymph I love so hard because I know how it feels to be loved so little Labels : : Gamer, Yarn Artist, DM, Hopeful Romantic

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