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A Werewolf Walks Into a Bookstore….

He shouldn’t have been at that bookstore that night
He should have never shown up
But he felt the need to be there

He found her

He was meant to be lonely
He was never meant to be part of a pack or a part of something
He wasn’t born into the right family
He was lost without it all
But he thought it was better than knowing what he couldn’t have

It was a crazy night coupled with the full moon
Calling out all the weirdos
Drunken boys, crazy parties
Anyone could hide among the living
The spotlight on the monsters, ghosts and the abnormal

He blended in well but her eyes saw him
She took everything in and he knew that she knew
She walked closer then grabbed his hand
He felt the heat, smelled the sweetness that was her
He found his world in her, so unexpected on a night that could turn him

He saw the bullet before she did he turned her away and put himself between
He heard her gasp as her lips met his
She took the pain away as it lodged inside of him
Then he saw her tears
She knew what he had done

She pulled him closer than he felt the searing heat
The chant she was saying over him
Then he felt his world tilt
His eyes widened as he looked at her
She smiled, “A witch and a handsome werewolf – what a magical halloween.”

Then she threw her head back and actually crackled, “Happy Halloween and to all a goodnight.”

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More than Blood

The dark lipstick graces her usual red lips
Her eyes are dark and see through his soul
Her bare finger tips are graced with dancing skeletons
Gone is the straight laced girl
She traded in her plain clothes for a mummy
Cleopatra eat your heart out
Her bandages wrap around his vampire heart
Her smell entices hiim
Draws him to her
All she has to say is his name
And he’ll never let her go
He’ll swoop in from the skies
Leave his cave of darkness for a moment in the sun with her

She calls to his hunger like her blood calls to his mouth

She brings him closer to the edge of sanity
Centuries never prepared him for a time like this
A moment in time
Where her hips swivel against him
Her sweet scent calls him to her

And through it all, it surprises him that a girl like her
Doesn’t even realize the spell she casts
The siren that she is
Never knows that all his sweet words
Are all truth
And that he’ll never let her go

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Mischievous Kiss

He’s got his bets against her
He thinks she’s going to fall from grace
He sits back on his throne waiting for the dice to roll in his favor

She’s a part of his plan
Her downfall, brings a hero to his knees
For once the villian wins
For once all of his cards are held close to his chest
The little princess will bring everything to him
And she’ll never know better
She’ll survive this
But she’ll still make all the weaknesses appear before him

She’s made for this game
She was made to bring all of this to crumble
The Delilah to Samson

Its always a woman that plays the part well

As he stares at his glass of wine
She appears before him

He looks around, bewildered

She smiles at him and he feels his world crumble

She was never anyones weakness, she was always his

She wraps her arms around his neck and leans in

“Got ya Loki.”

Then his world goes dark as she leans in, trading his plans for a kiss

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Gold for Admittance

It starts
He begins to bang the drum
He starts to spin out of control
As he plays his heart out

He’s the grim reaper
A man who shouldn’t be existence but here he is
Calling out for the rain to cleanse his heart
Trying to find a way through this all

He should have taken her
He should have done his job

She starved herself
She wasted away while waiting for him
She called out his name
A name that she thought was his

Calling out for the rain to cleanse her heart
She made a deal
To see him in his own world
She would cross over
She would call for him

Instead she got Hades with his chariot
Swooping in and taking her to the underworld

So he ran to the mountains
He stormed the gates that he shouldn’t have touched
He knelt down and asked the Gods for redemption
A one day pass to a place that he never wanted to go

Two Gods of Death fighting over one woman
Two for the price of one

A one day pass to hell, come right up, for a small fee
You can watch the battle begin

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Under the Storm

She watches as the rain fall, sidestepping
Hoping it doesn’t touch her
She scowls upward, with a disapproving glare
She hears a crow on her left and rolls her eyes

She steps into the coffee shop
Catching his eye
As she steps up to the counter
Her long aqua hair catches his eye
Her slender legs, her body looking like it belongs to a dance

She turns away from him but he could have sworn her eyes were sea blue

She rolls her eyes as she spots the mermaid on the counter
She turns the figurine away from her

He steps up to her and her eyes shut for a moment
She smelled him when she walked in
She could feel his warmth radiating from across the room

He’s her downfall and she can’t let herself be drawn to him
This is her only chance to step away from the fairy tails
To be able to live
There is no kiss before the 3rd day
There is no evil sea witch to take away her hard earned legs

But here he is
Will she step towards her destiny or run away
As she feels the tap on her shoulder
She turns to look into his blue eyes
That were passed down from a Prince

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Sweeping Hope

He swoops in, his huge wings grace the clouds
His eyes in this form are able to see past the bullshit that blind humans

He sees the way the world is
The true ugliness that no one sees
His heart narrows in on the one pure soul
He swoops in closer, only wanting to take a closer look
Only to feel the warmth from an innocent heart
Only to find himself to be sucked into

Her bright light draws him in
Her warm smile entices him
Like a moth to a flame
An ache runs through him
How can a butterfly survive in a world being bombed

The trolls lurking, the sadness permeates through the trees

This life can kill her like pesticide

But maybe she’s his cure to the bombs that bombard his heart

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Chosen Breaths

Let’s talk about pain
As he’s lying there on the surgerical table

Let’s talk about suffering
As she gives him another breath of life
Only to lose hers little by little

Let’s talk about the intense sickening feeling
As she’s giving up her own life
Because this is what is expected of her
She was chosen as the one
She was the sacrificial lamb

Let’s see the sympathy that’s suppose to be in your eyes
Let’s see the compassion that’s lacking from your demeanor

Breathe, breathe, breathe
Like a broken chant in his head
He’s suppose to awake to a fairy tale
But instead he’s in his own hell
As he’s slowly taking away her life force so he can fulfill some stupid prophecy made by a bunch of old men hiding behind the sense of righteous
While there’s a girl losing her life in the name of love

Now tell me whose the real monster here?

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Opposing Monsters

Like a mystery
She appears out of nowhere
Secret doors, hidden jewerly
Trying to find the ghost
The one that eludes you
Looking from rafter to basement
Searching for an answer
That even Van Helsing couldn’t solve
Another monster lurks
Another mystery to solve
Another whisper behind a secret door

Like a mystery from the 20th century
It sinks into our time period

A fight to the death
Huge and real the monsters come out tonight
All to witness
All to say that they were there
When a punch lands the Earth quakes

A fight to the death
She appears out of nowhere
To stand between the Griffin and the Chimera

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Sleepless Crypt

He lives in his crypt, tucked away from the spotlight
His only amusement is the bickering upstairs from the humans who go about his day
They, never knowing that a monster dwells beneath them
Sleeping away the countless, mundane, stupidity
In a split moment, he can rip away their vanities
Take away their semblance of normalcy
Sweep in and bring the darkness
Call forth the locust
The terror for a moment on their faces
As he sweeps down and bring the demons with him
Take away Pandora’s Box
Not even leaving hope behind
He is the nothingness
That they teased our childhood with
The baring of white teeth snapping from the darkness
Not even Falcor can come down and sweep us away

Lost our innocence in that swamp
The monster was never in our dreams
But reality of being an adult
But still the monster dwells beneath us

Waiting for the moment
Patience is his game
Innocence lost

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Misshapen Memory

His eyes flash open
His flesh is ripped and torn
Gone from his body
The memories are flashing through his brain
Like a rave gone wrong
He’s trying to retrace his memories
The pain is boiling under where his flesh once stayed
The trail of memories leading him from house to house
Trying to figure out why he got reanimated
Like a walking nightmare
He hears the screams as she’s swirling in front of him
Her hand reaching out to him as she’s burning in front of him

He’s reaching past his own prison trying to save the image before him
A girl burning, his love
His name on her lips
The fear, the screams echoing in his ears
The emotions swirling
He’s starting to feel human
But he looks down and only sees the bones protruding
No call for help, no 911 can save him from this waking nightmare
The answers he’s searching for, he doesn’t know where he can stop this
Go back to his grave

Just sleep away this nightmare

And at the other end of the string is the necromancer with his zombie lover beside him watching this drama unfold

Where will he appear next?