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Transparent Synthetics

I’m running late again, forgot to set my alarm clock
Want to type, want to paint
But I’m running on empty

The cycle keeps turning
I’m running on synthetics
High energy drinks
That have a downside much like life

I’m breathing in the masked filtered world
The stares, the smiles are gone
Hidden behind iconic meanings

The TV flashes back and forth
All I want is the noise to be gone
Long enough for me to touch my brush to the canvas
Long enough for me to reach out from this crazy world
Get lost in the music
Quit trying so hard to be your human
Just be me

I hear your prayers trying to save my soul
The one that you  have no clue about
I’m nothing in your eyes
Just another profile left on Facebook
From your prior life

You don’t know how I feel
What my soul glows with
How I look when I hold that paintbrush in my hand
How I look with the headphones in my ears
My fingers typing at 101 wpm
Pouring my feeling out to every blank canvas
Reaching out to the masses
Letting it all out

I’m running late again, forgot to set my alarm clock
Want to type, want to paint
But I’m running on empty

Now I’m finished with my thoughts
I’m all drained out
Only thing is left is what is left on this canvas
For now you can see into me




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Not the Last of Us

My eyes look up at the stars
My tears are falling again tonight
Heaven’s closed her doors on me
Been waiting for the reopening
But all I see are the hawks in the skies
The wolves crying for their mates

Love use to be easy to live on
But now the world is turned upside down
The celebrities are lining up showing us all what we don’t have
Clogging up the airways
While the press hides in plain view the real plans
The real agendas that are going to change everything

Be docile, be timid, be everything that the world doesn’t need

Right now Superman is dead
The Suicide Squad isn’t taking phone calls
And even the villains are running scared
Amid all of this Pandora’s box is emptying her contents
But Hope is refusing to grace us with her presence
So its up to us to battle off the demons
Find our own light and shine through

Pounding on heavens doors seem to work better for the likes of me

Dry up those tears
Make those wings go from white to black
I’m learning to soar on the ocean’s tide
Let the rain be my sunshine
The thunder my voice and the lightening my guiding light

Anything can be turned into a positive

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Escape this

Come on baby follow me away from this dark and deary world
Come on baby cast away that frown
Don’t let the devil pull you down
Don’t let that depression take you away from me
Put away that smoking gun
Find your way out of the darkness
Come find my light

You can come to me
Let it all go
Its OK baby
I’ve got you
I’m holding tight
Howl at the moon
Let your voice ring out
Don’t hold it in anymore

Let this world fade away
Get lost in my arms
Dance with me
Move to the music
Howl at the moon with me baby

Don’t let the crazies get to you
Don’t let the idiots taint you
Come back to me baby

Let me be your escape
Clap your hands
Then put them around me
Get lost in me
Keep up with me baby

Everything’s going to be alright

Let me be your light baby

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Curses taken for Granted

Give an angel some alcohol
Tempt her to the dark side
See what happens when her sword drops
When her wings fall off
From all the sins she takes on for you

She’d give her all

For you, only for you

Give an angel some love
Then take it away
Use her like a yoyo
Leave her high and dry

Like the devil is on your heels
No Dear Jane letters
Just a broken heart with wings folded against her back
The tears won’t come because the alcohol drained them dried
The lessons you left her with are burned like tattoos on her skin
Where no one but her can see

She’s never going to look at you the same way again
She’s never going to let the likes of you take her for that kind of ride again

For better or for worst never for granted, baby

So when you’re given love
When you’re given the world
And you rip it apart
Don’t expect it to be put back together again like you had it

The bridges are burned and the world won’t be the same comfort you sought

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Not Feeling Right

Not a word is heard from you until you want something
Nothing is left for me to find
Not even a crumb
I’m only a passing thought when you need something

I’d rather you steal my heart away
Then hurt my existence with your thoughtlessness

Nothing is clear with you
No one never knows where they stand with you

There’s a pandemic going on
But you act like its never touching your world
You pretend like this world still revolves around you

I hope one day you see what you did
What you ignored
But I doubt it until you find yourself alone
That’s when you’ll finally reach out
That’s when you’ll see what you left behind
No, not even then

But that’s OK
Live in your own little world
She’s survived this long without you in her life
She’ll be ok

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Reaching Hands, Breaking Hearts

You died that night
Went out with the stars
Left a shooting pain in my heart

Washed it away with the ocean
Fell into it and let the waters sweep away my tears

Spilled my heart like the tears on the asphalt
Filled it up with a shooting pain in my heart

Your hands still reaching out to me
As the falling sounds of my tears hit the pillow

My hands clench with anxiety as I pull myself up
My heart feels like a heavy weight twisted up inside of me
The barbed wire keeps it beating
While the tears fall down
Washing away with the tides of the ocean

You reanimate like a corpse on Halloween
You search these streets for me
My hands clench with anxiety as I pull myself up

This was suppose to be a love story
Not something written from a Gothic horror story

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Waiting on a Falling Star

Walking into the bar, the music is blaring
I need a shot of whiskey to wash away the bitterness you left

My hips sway trying to forget all the mean things you said

They lied when they said that there’s always going to be someone that’s going to save you

They lied when they said that when there’s a sad girl, a guy won’t let her be
There will always be someone there
Catching her like we catch falling stars
But there are guys in this world who don’t care
Just needing a warm body to keep them going

Knights in silver armors don’t exist
Days of love are marred by the pain of being broken
Waiting on someone to come get you
Is never going to happen

Fools are shown by the jokers dangling the strings in front of you
Showing you all the things that you want
All the words you would pay to hear

But in truth love is like trying to catch a falling star
With a big gaping hole in the net

Just needing a warm body to scare the cold away
Knights in silver armors don’t exist
Trying to forget is never going to happen

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Tortured Painting

It sounds like he’s describing a murder scene
The marks across the floorboard seems like something was dragged across
The screams of terror begin to echo in his head
As the scene is played out like a horror movie

Some of his comrades think he’s lost his mind
Others believe that he never had it to begin with

He’s painting the scene before it becomes a cold case

The numbers that are being played over the automated voice
is the last of them

Like a survey gone wrong

The crimson left on his sleeve is the only reminder of a night gone cold
The shivers still run through him as the hair on his nape rises

This isn’t suppose to make sense
This is as clear as mud

Even in the muddle of his mind
The chaos never finds the calm
He’s a burning man
With a psychics mind
But he can’t even foresee his own future

So he keeps the crimson as a memento to be added to his next canvs
The murderer escaped again

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Hope’s Awakened Dream

Some days are so good
Some days feel like the time I laid on the grass
Staring up at the clouds
The biggest worry was where I was going from here

Some days are so hard
The tears won’t stop coming down
It feels like the world is crashing in on me
It feels like I’m losing everything

Sometimes it feels like we’re in a hurricane
That’s plummeting downward in a spiral and no one knows where its going to stop
But your arms wrap around me
Hope screams into my face
Reminding me that there’s a way to stop this
Just open my eyes
Love’s gazing at me

The scars are fading away
The winds die down
His eyes meet mine with relief flowing from them
The gun tucked int his waistband

Just open my eyes
Then I realize its all a dream and I’m back to my crumbling castle

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Hiding the Rich

Flip on your tvs
Pay attention to the politics

For a moment let’s pretend that they know what we’re going through
That they’re right out there with us
On the frontlines
The fears treading down their backs

Not sitting on their porcelain thrones
Having their private tutors
Out on boats away from the masses
Selling their stocks and having the inside news before it hits us all

Stocked up and ready
With an increase of pay from the checks that are suppose to help us
Tune into a celebrity at the exact hour something else is going down behind the scenes

I’m calling on Anonymous
Hackers with no names
No face
Come save us now from the corruption
Erase our debts
Take down the biggest people in the nation
Be a Robin Hood, give back to the people

Make the tears and the hardships stop

But I’m only sprouting another fairy tale
Its not like I could ever get the ear of an organization