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Flinging Chains and Insults

What did you do to me?
You unleashed what I had pushed aside
You made me feel like a 13 year old kid again
You pushed me and hit all my weaknesses
You made me bleed again

You brought out the pain of all things I can never be in your eyes
You smeared my mascara and tore my dress like Cinderella’s stepsisters
You ripped my heart out and then tosses me aside

You drove me to stop writing
You pushed my heart to the cliff
My body fell over and the words got stuck
I couldn’t look at the screen to compose the words what you did

The love I had tended to
The self esteem I worked so hard to build
You brought it all down
When you needed a punching bag

You’re miserable
You wanted company and your sniper gun is aimed on me
Bringing me across the floor to your throne in chains
You have the lock and key and you’re trying to consume it all
Your chess pieces are arranged
But the King is no where to be found
So you attack the next best thing, his Bishop

Now its my turn….

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Alternate Heart

You broke me when you called me those names
When you’re world came crashing
You tried to drown me
You wished that I had never been born

My heart bled right then and there

If I weren’t here, would the lives that touch mine would still be around?
Did you even think before you condemned me to your personal hell?

Did you think for a moment about anyone except yourself?

I felt the pain bubble under my skin
The want to hurt myself again became to big of a draw
But there were eyes watching me
Eyes that told me to hold on
Be stronger than my demons
Not to give into your narcissistic ways

So I pushed to the surface
Gasping for air
I let the tears fall
The water dripping past my heart
Your thorns tangling around my limbs trying to draw me back into your clutches
I throw them off of me again

I feel the pain bubble under my skin
I’ve gotta be stronger than my demons

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Winter Fairy Tale

The snow falls against the glass pane
The ring hangs on a necklace around  her neck
Her heart is broken as she gazes out over the field of winter
He was her everything
Her world
She laid broken on the cement
Left a city behind to find peace in the country
Storms were raging, pulling her down
Standing on rooftops
Trying to stand against the onslaught
Two lovers that didn’t stand a chance
Two lovers that lost their way

But every love story has to have a rocky beginning to make it into a fairy tale