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Missing Moments

You’re turning away from him
You have a fear of falling in love
He’s so easy to love

But you’re being shallow
Thinking he’s not going to live up to your standards

Your fears keep you restrained
Keep yourself in your parents box
Boxed up to their standards
You forget its not their life
They won’t be the ones spending the rest of their lives with him
It’ll be you
But you’re to afraid to go against the grain

You’ve got lost
The bouquet that he brought you is sitting drying up liek ytour love life

You think you need experience
But you don’t know what you’re missing before you even attained it

You won’t let know that he’s everything you’ve been wanting
He’s just not the time that will be there when you’re finally ready

You’ve got to know
That you’re losing this chance and its all up to you

You can blame your parents
But its your own fear
And now you’ve lost out

He’s going to be someone elses
He’s going to live and have the girls eating out of his hand
And when you finally see what you’ve lost
It’ll be too late
You let him go when you had the chance

You don’t what you’re missing

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Running with Silence

Forget what they taught you
Forget what is expected of you

Run with the night
Let it all go

Turn away from all that you know
If you keep staying within your comfort zone

You’re never going to know what’s out there

Don’t let the world tell you who you have to be
There’s more to this life that what you’re living

Step outside of your comfort zone
You’ve got this

Pack up your bags
Leave behind all those electronics
Find yourself somewhere else
Live life to the best you can

Let the world down easy
Finally live on your own
Put on those hiking boots
And wander this world

Put on a backpack and get lost in the silence
No longer constrained to be one way or another
Live your life to the best of your abillity
Find your way away from the traffic

Don’t stand still, don’t give up

Find yourself in the silence

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Breaking Stars

Set up the stars
Fling the sand away
Fight through the rage
You think this is about you but its not

You were always on my mind
But you were too fair weathered for my world

Left me with empty promises
Empty seats that I saved for you
Left me alone
To fight this all by myself

Made me stronger
Made me see through peoples lies
My bullshit meter goes off
I know when to walk away
You don’t have me sold on your playboy ways

I’ve got more things to do with my time than waste it on you

You were suppose to be everything that you pledged you were
But you were just a villain under a superheroes cape

Hiding all your lies along with all the things you stole
Shoved into a plastic bag
Shoved into the back corner of your room
Your cruelty was your way of being nice

Taking a girl out every night
Tried so hard to be Prince Charming but you were lying about that too

Once the sun rose your white horse became stone like your heart

You made her smarter
You made her realize
What her own self worth was

You didn’t win
When you tried to break her

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Spiraling Costs

Its spreading through me
This virus diving into my core
My vision still gets blurry
But I’m pushing past this life
Spiraling past the expectations
Not going to give up

Take the drugs
Push past the needles piercing my skin
Not afraid of what I have to do

Ripping off the jewerly that holds me down

Swirling past the time restraints

Wishing past the lies
Watching a protector be born
Saving us one life at a time

Doctors try to cure a disease they don’t even have
Giving advice to things that they haven’t experienced
Embracing the lies that are fed
While the drugs skyrocket

Feeling the rage peel away the layers of the sweet girl I once was
Push past the needles piercing my skin
Afraid of what I have to do
In order to live
In order to breathe

Doctors try to cure a disease they don’t even have
Don’t know the pain
Don’t understand the costs
When  you have nothing to pay for it

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Whimsical Waiting

Waiting in the wings
Trying to get a glimmer of hope
Wishing for the stars to spin closer

Wistfully staring outside
Hoping fate will change the stars constellations

Waiting on the ground
For heaven to come closer
Trying to get the secret out from the pages of dusty old books

Wishing for the stars to spin closer

Hoping for a catch
Waiting for your arms to encircle me
Let the music shine through the night

Whimiscal dreams taking over before the sun rises
Enticing lullabies to wake the dead
Ghostly figures dancing to a dead language
Hoping for dreams to become reality

Waiting for whimsical dreams

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The making of …..

365 days ago, there was a lost and lonely girl
Who hadn’t written in a long time ago
She was lost and torn
She was rage and sadness

She couldn’t pick up a pen
She couldn’t even figure out where she was going
She remembered all the negative words that drew against her skin
All the things that were told to her
All the couldn’ts, all the shouldn’ts
No one wanted her to dream

Everyone wanted her to be where they put her
Her faith in people was slipping
Her heart was broken into a million pieces

Words were tumbling out of her
Going nowhere
No one was listening
No one was looking
She was beautiful but broken

So she took a chance
She stared at an empty screen
The keyboard beckoning her fingers
Drawing her out of her shell

Just let it go
Find happiness
Find the words
Show the world the soul within
The dreams, the romance, the stories

Don’t hold back
Don’t let the words of others blog you down

Hold on, let it out
Let it go

Happy one year to me

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Sunset Moments

The sun’s setting, we’re never going to be in this moment again
You come running over, your boyish smile pierces my heart

You’re lost in thought, you’ve got all these expectations you’ve got to reach
All these hearts you’ve got to conquer
But you’re walking in a dead man’s shadow
You’ve got your heart set on the sunrise
You’re always talking like you’re saying goodbye

You’ve got things you want to do
You’ve got these dreams that wif they don’t amount to nowhere
You’re going to drop into a depression
I see your eyes clear as the night sky
Fighting aganist a dead man’s shadow
You’ve got your heart set on the sunrise
You’re always talking like you’re saying goodbye

You almost made me miss my chance
You talked your way into my heart
But I saw through your lies
I almost lost my way
You were so good at confusing the heart because yours snuggles right in
When you don’t know what you want
you drag everyone down with you

You’re looking for perfection when your imperfections will be the death of you

You’re mean and you try to play a game
That you end up losing out on
The liquor won’t take away your own self-hatred
All your chances lost
All your dreams shattered
You’ve got her in your life
And she’s walking against a dead woman’s shadow
She’s trying to fix you
But there’s no fixing the broken cynic

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Inked Breath

You’re writing my life away
I want to live
I don’t want to see my world plummeting into darkness

You’re wanting me to be the sad ending to your story
I want to see the sun shinning everyday in his eyes

You’re taking away my dreams
Your novel needs someone to die
I’m screaming out against your ink
Wanting it to write me in with every breath I take
Give me a chance at this life
Let me be able to breathe  –

Stop me from being the weak person

He stares at me with hatred
I loved him with all my heart
But all he felt for me was pity and resentment

He thinks I do this all for show
But he doesn’t know what I know
He doesn’t see the future like I do
He has no clue that I know I’m going to die

He feels like this world has plenty of time
He can toss me aside and not having to be obligated
That’s what he always saw me as was just an obligation
It hurt as I watched him, but I always knew what he was thinking

He couldn’t believe his ears as I chose to fight
When I stopped looking so weak
When I pushed back and left him behind
Only to fall into your arms
Only to see your eyes meet mine
You were nameless
You were lost just like me
But we are held together by the pages of our destiny
When my heartbeat rushed , you heard it
When you saw me tumbling
You reached for me when everyone turned their backs on us
You and I want to change our stars
You and I are reaching for a future that the writers can’t earse

I’ll find my way to the living with you by my side