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Every good thing…

He took medication that was meant for her
To save her life and misused it
Like everything else she has in her life

Everything he touches, turns to shit

The little things that meant the world to her
He shattered it into a million pieces
The tears that drop from her eyes
He answers with a roll of his eyes

He couldn’t keep his lips to himself
He couldn’t keep his hands solely for her
All the intimate details that were the firsts for her
He took away and squandered it on someone else
no thoughts to her

He took all the things that made up her
And broke them into a miliion pieces
All her words , he trashed like a celebrity in a hotel room

Every good thing she held out to him
he took for granted
Every piece of her, he left to die at a crime scene
Using his lies and his promises as daggers to her heart

He only regrets it after her anger hits the high tide
He only realizes the hurt after the death toll has rose
He only does things when she bitches enough

He lost everything  but most of all he ruined her love


"My personality is basically a mix between a needy 5 year old, a rebellious teenager making bad life choices and a 80 year old woman whose tired and needs a nap." - Luna @bpdNymph I love so hard because I know how it feels to be loved so little Labels : : Gamer, Yarn Artist, DM, Hopeful Romantic

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