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Mustang Nightmares

The mustang roars to life
She feels the dread as she looks across the parking lot
He’s standing there, her world
The one person that she loves more than life
But then the mustang roars again
Reminding her, she’s got to leave

He can’t be what she needs
She can’t stay with him

As she climbs in,
He appears as if a doppelganger
Has graced her life

She bows her head for a moment sending a prayer
Then they take off, leaving him behind
The real reason for her existence

She throws her head back
Letting the power of the mustang
Take her away from all that she’s known

He smirks with an evil glare at her
Knowing that he’s won with his black mustang
Riding off into the sunset
With his hostage

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Brewing Rights

A work of art is starting
A fight is brewing
The day has come when all else will go away

You want to hear a tale that’ll spin your mind

Mommy issues and daddy issues progress through our generation

Things that left us bleeding
The government tries to hide it all
Make us all into the Beavers
Take away our guns
Stop the crimes
Point the fingers at everyone else but our own backyard

Let the romance and the values die
Let’s just pretend that everything will be ok
Let it all go to hell

Never understanding the way its going to be
Take away our rights

The crime is escalating
Throw your hands up
Take away our weapons
Amazing how we find more
Take away our rights

Swear again at another election
How better our lives are going to be
Divide the line even more
Let the hate happen
Don’t be color blind

Throw your hands up
Lose our rights

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Breaking Closure

This is my goodbye to you

I could start with all the things you never did
All the ways you made me feel
But telling a narcissists any of that is just wasting my breath

Instead I’ll say good bye

I’ll climb higher than you thought I could go
There were sweet moments
But I was always never good enough for you
You left me just not like the way you found me
Or maybe I left you
It’ll never be clear

But this is my closure to you
Because I don’t want to be left with the possibility of going back to you
I don’t want to love you anymore
i don’t want your hold to reach me anymore

I can’t be all that you wanted
You kept telling me to grow up
I finally did, but I outgrew your ass
I charged through and found my way
I couldn’t do this anymore
I couldn’t be what you wanted and I didn’t want to anymore

Everything I’m teaching her is a lesson to myself

Different is beautiful
Strength is sometimes showing your weakness
Saying good bye is my second chance at life
Its not running away if it means that I need to live

I want to live without you

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Fixed Demons

I can’t deal with your demons anymore
They’re too much for me

I can’t piece you back together again
Because you already tore me from limb to limb

I can’t fix you after what you did to me

I can’t sacrifice myself for you anymore

I can’t take all the blame for you anymore

This relationship started wrong with me chasing you
Saving you, I can’t do it anymore

I can’t be your lifeline anymore

I need a man that’s going to see me
I need a man that’s going to want me from the beginning
Not be confused and not know what he wants
Or I don’t want none of it

I tried to be everything
But I don’t want to die a martyr
You’re not worth it anymore
Because you cut me too deep
You pushed too hard
You reminded me where I stood with you
It was never my business to begin with

I hope one of these days you regret all the things you did and said to me
I hope one of these days you finally see me
But by then, it’ll be too late

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Never Getting It Back Again

She’s making a plan
Getting it together

This isn’t happening anymore
She’s taken off her wedding ring

This isn’t going to be redone over and over again
She’s throwing in the towel

The lies, the oaths broken
She can’t love a man like that
She can’t live like this anymore

This isn’t a marriage
This is hell

The abuse coming from both sides
She’d rather be alone than deal with this life

Her freedom is coming soon
She’s planning her escape
Rather live in a marriage of trying to escape than staying with it

This is the final straw
When he sees it as not a big deal
A small sample of what he shared with her
Can be put into a box of denial
She can’t take it anymore

This is hell
Her heart can’t take any more breaking
Now she’s got to protect  herself
Because he’s done enough hurt to last her a thousand years
And she’s done enough abuse to not recognize her own face in the mirror anymore

This ends today

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Changed after she gave her all

You’re going to have to bare with her as she sits there and cries in front of her
The whiskey ran out today
The kraken shattered at her feet

You see she was trying so hard to love him
Gave her all
Tried to correct the mistakes that didn’t make him happy
Tried to love him with her all until he could pull back together
Her heart chose him for better or for worst
But he kept messing up

He kept turning to other women
He ran from her
When she didn’t do anything to him
I guess that was the worst of it
She couldn’t be what he wanted

She wasted her best life on him
She loved him when he didn’t love himself
She’d draw her own blood to save his life
But she didn’t know that love could be so cruel
So one sided

All she wanted was love, to love, to be loved
Was it so wrong to want to shower someone with it
To ask for loyalty, honesty
Her heart didn’t want to be broken anymore
She just wanted a happily ever after

What did she do to be treated this way

His looks of horror as she unleashed everything
His look of surprise at the monster he created
The hurt couldn’t be withheld anymore

The betrayal had come full circle

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Every good thing…

He took medication that was meant for her
To save her life and misused it
Like everything else she has in her life

Everything he touches, turns to shit

The little things that meant the world to her
He shattered it into a million pieces
The tears that drop from her eyes
He answers with a roll of his eyes

He couldn’t keep his lips to himself
He couldn’t keep his hands solely for her
All the intimate details that were the firsts for her
He took away and squandered it on someone else
no thoughts to her

He took all the things that made up her
And broke them into a miliion pieces
All her words , he trashed like a celebrity in a hotel room

Every good thing she held out to him
he took for granted
Every piece of her, he left to die at a crime scene
Using his lies and his promises as daggers to her heart

He only regrets it after her anger hits the high tide
He only realizes the hurt after the death toll has rose
He only does things when she bitches enough

He lost everything  but most of all he ruined her love

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She doesn’t see him standing there
Always watching out for her
He’s friend zoned
But he still resides in her heart

He’s always busily sketching her face
Wishing for her to see him
Wishing she could see past the others and see his face
He’d take a bullet for her
He’d rush past all the other girls to catch her
To feel her skin against his

To him everything about her is perfect
He’d save her

He’d help her to live
To fight the disease that she’s been cursed with
He’d put word of hope into her world
He’d show her the stars while still staring at her face
He’d find beauty in everything she’d say
She means the world to him

If she’d only open her eyes
Reach past what’s expected of her and see him

To him everything about her is perfect
He’d save her
Put her world within his own
Protect her, love her and cherish every moment he’d have with her

He’d never turn a blind eye to her because his heart would still recognize hers

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Public Displays of Affection

You’ve got a problem with love

You’re sailing down denial

Hating everyone who shows it in front of you

You don’t know how to show affection

It feels weird when anyone hugs you

He’s different from everyone else

He wants to hug you, love you, kiss you

It takes everything not to pull away

You’re not into that

But still you want to be that with him

He is so easy to love

You start to feel yourself start to change just for him

The teasing, the loving he shows you

Its still hard to grow accustom to, but for him you’d change it

He tells you if you’re angry
Give it to him, show him everything that you are
Just unload it all on him
He’s take it all
Because he’s in love with you
He doesn’t want his life to be shared with anyone else but you

He is so easy to love
Feeling yourself start to change just for him, the loving he shows you He’ll take it all

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All It Takes is 1 song to bring back 1000 memories

He sits at the bar, his head down

His heart is broken
His eyes have shed enough tears
You messed with his head
You hurt him
You flirted from guy to guy
You weren’t on the same page as he was
He fiddles with the ring in his pocket
He held onto it, ready to love you for a lifetime

Ready to start a new chapter
But you tossed it back into his face

You were on a train before midnight

Leaving his broken heart
Leading yourself down another path
Your phone number changed
And you were done with your lies to his him

You left the pain with him
Excited to move onto the next victim

But months later you changed your mind
Came running back with I love yous

But he wasn’t waiting for you anymore