Toxic Fears

I fought against your stereotypes
Your thoughts on how I was suppose to live my life

I went from the way you thought a woman should be treated
When I have daughters, you said I would understand

I still don’t

You told me all the things I couldn’t do
You said that I shouldn’t be anything more than what I could reach out and touch

You were wrong

I reached for the stars
I caught one
I grew stronger than you
I lived my life
Without regrets
When I say I’m going to do something I do it

When I love, I love hard
I don’t hold back my affections like you did

I don’t play with peoples emotions
I don’t sit there and pit my loved ones against each other

I pulled away from the toxic
The abuse
The screams

I live in a house where there’s laughter, happiness and sound

I don’t enclose myself off
I don’t sit there and pretend to have a perfect family
Imperfection is what makes my little family perfect

If you could walk a day in my shoes
You wouldn’t know what to do with all the emotions
You wouldn’t know how to love

Your fears, your insecurities would rule this house
Like it ruled me years ago

You’re never going to learn
Love conquers all

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