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Day 273 Halloween

I ran away from my words
I haven’t posted in a while
Left them hanging at the crime scene

Eyes staring deep into my soul

The know it all silent for once

The lights blow in the wind and none of this makes sense to anyone not walking in my shoes

Depression took a hold of me and made me jump off the bridge
I tried to stay with the current threads
I tried to stay afloat
But like the Titantic, I hit that iceberg and drifted downward

There was Jack to my Rose
That life jacket was my only friend

But I couldn’t unpack my bags and stay there
I couldn’t give up when there’s so much to live for

I dusted myself off
Found a hairdryer and blew away the droplets

Finally found my way back to the crime scene,
collecting all the words that were left on the sidewalk
Paper trails of past lives gathered in my little bag alongside with my tarot cards

Back to the drawing board
A new month to try again

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Heist of the Century

They’re gathered together
Different elites in the same room
To be there for one heist
To gather intel
To Succeed

Each one comes with a different skill
A different way of life

Like pop stars banded together for a duet
Its not going to be pretty
With all the egos in the room

Each one best in their selected field
Each one use to bringing the “I” to team

This heist is the one for the ages
Lives are on the line
Its the good guys going with the bad guys
No one knows whose side any one is on
Its all for the money

Fighting to make it fast and to get into the right get away car
Each reason varies from greed to the heart

Fast cars
Fast guns
Something from an action movie
But the blood is real
The bullets don’t bounce off
The innocent will get hit
There are no actors
The hero can die in this one

Gathered together
Elites gather in the room
Greed to the heart
Set to cash in
Pouring blood from their wine glasses
The blueprints laid out to the biggest heist of the century
Who will make it out alive?


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Burning for Life

He works sun up to sun down
His hands are calloused
His hair is dirty and sweaty
He bleeds blue collar
Saving every bit he can
Burning for a better life
Living paycheck to paycheck

He lives in his truck
Always on the go
Trying to make ends meet
Dealing with everything thrown at him

Bleeding red, white and blue
Hoping for a better life
Living paycheck to paycheck
Rising above the social classes
Until he can realize his dreams
Get out from under a rich mans thumb
Finally take a break

His hands are calloused
Working sun up to sun down
Burning for a better life

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Building Life

Spinning in his mind
He’s on a different course
His mind fires at rapid speeds
His fingers are concise
His mind already sketching what he wants
His ruler can connect the dots
His eyes can create a pattern

His blueprints are works of arts
He can build what artists can paint

The floor plans he touches,
Can create a maze of emotions

Beauty found within a home
Can capture the imagination

The way he positions the lights

The mood he can create
With layers of foundations is amazing

Spinning imagination into Architecture

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City Dj

The beat becomes prominent in his soul
The rev of his hot car

The roar of the city beckons him
He’s no small town boy
He’d rather race against the rising sun
Then let his responsibilites set on his nights
He’s not ready for his father’s shadow

He’s not ready for the life that’s decided for him
The footsteps that are forged in chains
The fake smiles, hand shakes from weak men

They’re just there to kiss his ass because of his last name

Not for what he’s done

The beat becomes prominent in his soul
The call of the night life is calling him
He’ll deal with his daddy issues later
Right now, he’s for the right now

And right now, he’s racing against time

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One sided Surprise

He leaned in and my eyes closed

But then I felt him brush against my arm

My eyes shot open

His smile was the first thing I saw

For a moment I forgot how many girls he had on standby

For a moment I forgot how many first kisses he had taken

I backed away, he followed me

Until my back was flushed against the wall

“Gotcha.” He said.

My world went black.

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Road Trip, Holding Hands

There use to be a road
I loved travelling it to your place
Taking me back home
The curves and the winding
Putting the kids in the backseat to sleep
The country station going loudly
This old pick up truck travelling steady and true

I miss those days when you welcomed us with open arms

Taking it easy in a dust filled country
The sounds of the rain on a tin roof
The nights we cruised around, only had one street light in the small town

Holding hands walking around this small town
The memories and the laughter
The drama and the fights

The two rocking chairs on that old porch
The people knowing everyone
Never a stranger
The smells of home
The laughter and the ice tea in the fridge

Holding hands going down that road, not a town to be seen for miles
Going home to visit
Taking it easy
Holding hands and travelling back to the place where you grew up

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Toxic Fears

I fought against your stereotypes
Your thoughts on how I was suppose to live my life

I went from the way you thought a woman should be treated
When I have daughters, you said I would understand

I still don’t

You told me all the things I couldn’t do
You said that I shouldn’t be anything more than what I could reach out and touch

You were wrong

I reached for the stars
I caught one
I grew stronger than you
I lived my life
Without regrets
When I say I’m going to do something I do it

When I love, I love hard
I don’t hold back my affections like you did

I don’t play with peoples emotions
I don’t sit there and pit my loved ones against each other

I pulled away from the toxic
The abuse
The screams

I live in a house where there’s laughter, happiness and sound

I don’t enclose myself off
I don’t sit there and pretend to have a perfect family
Imperfection is what makes my little family perfect

If you could walk a day in my shoes
You wouldn’t know what to do with all the emotions
You wouldn’t know how to love

Your fears, your insecurities would rule this house
Like it ruled me years ago

You’re never going to learn
Love conquers all

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Small Town Findings

Let’s talk about the longing looks
The want to touch my skin

Let’s talk about the wanting to be close
But you never had the balls to do any of it

You were too busy kissing other girls
Going for the easy girls
Always telling me you only dated whores

Where did you pick up that line anyway?

You always thought you weren’t good enough
But for this small town girl
You were everything

You didn’t want to leave
You didn’t want to go anywhere
You were happy where you were at

But I had bigger dreams
I wanted to live
I wanted to be in the city
I wanted the skyline
The tall buildings
The oppturities

I don’t know where we would be if I had stayed
I don’t know what would have happened to us
Maybe you would have finally seen me
Maybe you would have finally grown up

But regardless we chose our paths

Fate found us where we are

You’re still leaning against that building smoking a cigarette
Looking the same way you did in high school
And I finally came back to this small town
To make a home
Let’s see where fate is going to take us now

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Crystal’s Brewing

She’s got her eyes up on the skies
She’s got spells and potions brewing behind her
Wishing she was someone normal
Someone without an eye on the future

Her crystal ball hangs above her, swirling, showing her all the possibilities
Her sage is hung by the door
Her familiar sits next to her
Guarding her from any unforeseen harm
Always on alert
Never letting men get too close to her
Never leaving her side

She’s spinning her circle again
Calling forth the four corners
Her short hair being caressed by wind that isn’t there
Her eyes aglow with an inner light
She’s magic, smoke and amethyst in the moonlight

She sits in the circle, shuts her eyes
Feeling the hum of Samhain as it draws closer

Feeling the magic swirl around her

Fate has plans, the wind whispers

She opens her eyes to see her familiar in front of her, growling at something behind her…..