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3000 years

He watched many wars in his lifetime
No one to talk to, only to walk through the lives of others

Watched the greed, the lust, the horrible, the tragic
Thought that the world was worth losing
He was only there to guide souls
Until he saw her

She was graced in innocence
She was a light that could guide him from the grim reapers stare
Save a world on the words of her prayer
Her bowed head , beckoned him to touch her
Just to trade one night of love with her beside him
to wake up to her smell
to feel her lips kiss him

He followed her until he lost her
He couldn’t walk her past the veil himself
He was forbidden to her
But he watched as she came to life every 3000 years

He would seek her soul out like beacon calling him

Until one day she disappeared from his sight
He prayed for the first time in his life
He begged, he pleaded, he negationed
Until he realized it was all falling on deaf ears

After that he thought all mortals were worthless until one stared him straight in the eyes

He paused and couldn’t believe that he was being seen
The boy looked at him and then pointed at a woman behind him
His eyes widened as he looked at her
Everything about her sang to him
It was her.
He looked back down at the boy and realized that she was his mother….


"My personality is basically a mix between a needy 5 year old, a rebellious teenager making bad life choices and a 80 year old woman whose tired and needs a nap." - Luna @bpdNymph I love so hard because I know how it feels to be loved so little Labels : : Gamer, Yarn Artist, DM, Hopeful Romantic

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