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Misguided Flares

I’m the flame that flares you up like the sun’s rays
You’re misguided as you think I’m something from heaven

You’re always there when I’m a  mess
You’re always calling me, making sure I’m ok
I’m not use to it

You’re at my door again tonight
Knocking like the cops
Until my neighbors are hushing you

Crying out my name
Being up in my business

Texting me, looking for me
You think I need someone in white armor
It was just a moment of weakness
I dropped it all and turned to you

You fell for me
Held on like a life jacket
Squeezing tighter

Knocking, Crying, Texting, Looking

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Deconstructing Life

You’re face down again
A wild party is left in your destruction
As I walk through your place
I can’t help but step over the pile of bodies

You’re nothing like I thought you would be
You haven’t grown up
You haven’t changed

I left for 2 weeks
Never heard a word from you

Your disease took over you
You drowned yourself and took everyone with you

I couldn’t explain for a moment or make excuses for you anymore
You hit rock bottom
I’m tired of the destruction
I’m tired of the clean up

You say I’m your cure
I can’t stay with you
I can’t protect you from yourself 24/7

You’re using me as your savior
You have to save yourself
Like the rest of us

Put away the bottles
Seek help
Stop seeking a one time high
Because when you float back down
You’ll still exist, though….
Your body is still wrecked and I’m still gone

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Fighting Back

They’re standing like animals about to attack with her in the middle, again

He’s got a look that can charm anyone but he’s always had a silver platter, people kissing his boots, always clothed in white, always looking like the good guy

Facing him, always clothed in black, always looking like the villian but no one really knows what he’s been through.

One can pretend but the truth always comes out

She knows how they both truly are and appearances can be decieving

One waits to slit the others throat
Hidden in the shadows
No one would know by the way he acts, but they hate each other with a passion
To the core they may be bound by friendship
But loyaly is fleeting for one, while the other has lost so much

Aches and brusies from their fists beating each other
Not holding back
Blood pours down
Both fighting to win
Both not backing down

Tears stream down her face
It hurts her to watch them go at it
But she can’t turn away
The words are trapped in her throat

But she doesn’t realize that it’ll take the end of the world for them to stop
Until a heart stops beating is the only way it’ll end

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Evil’s Fight

Black dripping from his arms
A nightmare that has come to life
He looks down at what were his hands

His eyes seek hers
Crimson meets blue
In this summer heat
His eyes scream pain
His arms ache to reach her
The thunder behind him beats like his heart

His soul is darkened from the lack of light
His heart is lost to the screams of the little demons that surround it
Stuck in a cage it still beats to the rhythm of the rain against the window pane

Colors sucked away
He faces her shielding his eyes from her light
Her arms spread automatically
Welcoming him, trying to save him
Beckoning him back to her
Whispering his name as hers seek his
Begging the crimson to fade to green
Wishing he would turn back

Pushing at the darkness
Trying to reach him
Instead he encompasses her with a soft smile
A whispered sorry

Depleted into nothing

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3000 years

He watched many wars in his lifetime
No one to talk to, only to walk through the lives of others

Watched the greed, the lust, the horrible, the tragic
Thought that the world was worth losing
He was only there to guide souls
Until he saw her

She was graced in innocence
She was a light that could guide him from the grim reapers stare
Save a world on the words of her prayer
Her bowed head , beckoned him to touch her
Just to trade one night of love with her beside him
to wake up to her smell
to feel her lips kiss him

He followed her until he lost her
He couldn’t walk her past the veil himself
He was forbidden to her
But he watched as she came to life every 3000 years

He would seek her soul out like beacon calling him

Until one day she disappeared from his sight
He prayed for the first time in his life
He begged, he pleaded, he negationed
Until he realized it was all falling on deaf ears

After that he thought all mortals were worthless until one stared him straight in the eyes

He paused and couldn’t believe that he was being seen
The boy looked at him and then pointed at a woman behind him
His eyes widened as he looked at her
Everything about her sang to him
It was her.
He looked back down at the boy and realized that she was his mother….

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Distant Plans

She sits on the edge of her seat staring out the window
She thought that this fall was her chance
He left her without a word
So she went off to college, without him

He changed his mind, his plans
He didn’t want anything to do with her
She let him go and moved on
What other choice did he leave her?

Her new roomates came running in
Laughing and giggling
Informing her that she had a vistor downstairs
She looked at them with a questioning eye

She turned the corner only to see him standing there at the check in desk with flowers
His eyes shining as he took her in
She felt her heart tumble
Questions pushing past her lips
As he rushed into her, hugging her tightly
Apologies falling from his lips

The separation killed him
But he had to see where he stood
And his heart didn’t hesitate to tell him what an idiot he had been
He didn’t want to see her move on
He didn’t want to see her with other guys
He wanted a life with her

He wanted her.

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Autumn Equinox

The stars change as the world rotates
But tonight it just feels like we’re the only two people in this world
The leaves are changing and as we pick our spot
Happiness settles between us

You’re in charge of the tent
I’m in charge of gathering the wood
We work together in harmonious silence

Feeling the world surround us and yet enjoying the peace and quiet of nature
The water running past us in a never ending cycle
You smile at me, I smile at you

We stash our sleeping bags into the tent and settle in as the night falls around us
The rain starts and we wrap our arms around each other
The pitter patter of rain against the tent at night is heaven
As morning comes and we find ourselves wrapped around each other
We come awake to the wonderful sounds of nature again
The leaves are orange, the smell of nature after it rains is heavenly

The smoke from our camp fire drifts around us and we bundle up as the autumn wind blows

A weekend away from the city
Happiness surrounds us
The dread of having to pack up and go back to modern times stays with us only for a moment
I shake it away and we enjoy our autumn weekend bringing in the Equinox

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Held Onto Love

He holds her close
Though its been a long time
She lays dying in his arms

She lost her life after a long battle
She tried so hard to hang on

Held onto her pride first
Then she let it go

Held onto her mind
But her memories were swept away

Held onto her sight
But that faded over time

Held onto her heart
And that’s where he remained

He held her through it all
Her fraustrations
Her lost of pride
Her lost of memories and then her sight

This is the love that so many want
The one where no matter how weathered your hands may become
He’s still right there holding on
No matter how gray his beard gets
She’s right there holding on
Looking into years of memory
Until the end

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Composed Hearts

The curtain falls and the stage goes dark
The crowd leaves shocked to the core by another encore
Another breathless night

The actress holds her rose
Her bold eyes staring past the scene
Always told to retire
Always told to be a certain way
Her makeup stays in place
Her careful smile never fades

Through heartache
She still composes herself like a perfect doll
Her steps precise
Her ways holding her anchored to this world
But her eyes, her eyes never lie
Though her face is composed
Her heart shines through her eyes

She’s never let anyone in
Let anyone be close to her
Let the heartache touch her flawless record

Her heart aches
Her eyes shine with unshed tears
But still she shines
She still hold the audience captivated not one misstep

She stand there like the perfect mannequin
While the strings hold her upright
She still smiles
She still holds on
Even though she’s falling apart
That smile never fades
Even after the curtain falls

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Frustration’s Mask

Frustration follows me
The spaces are closing in
My hand flings out to protect my eyes from the light

My body cowers in the corner from the brightness
The way my eyes look away
Is something from a horror movie

Seeking the darkness
To shade away from the rainbow of light

Can’t stand it

Rather be a troll and hide away
Let the phone keep ringing
Their never going to find me
Because I’;ve found shelter like a mole seeking darkness

Keep your sun
Keep your lighted world
I prefer a cave with books
A place where I can seek shelter with dim lights
Bring on the Drow
I’d rather dwell at Menzoberranzan
Bring on the cave dwellers
I’d rather be a bat with sonar
Then this mere human that’s losing her sight