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Burning Charcoal

He rises from the darkness
His eyes are blinded by the hell he’s been through

He’s got no soul
His aura is black as the night
He’s pitied the world against him

He can turn heads

He can draw attention

But all he does is waste his chances
He’s been burned so he’s burning the world with him

Never understanding what it means to be love
Never knowing that there are always chances
He burns each one like paper to fire
Surrounding it with sadness and regret
Never letting the chances come through

Prefers to live in the past
Always facing it all backwards
He doesn’t know where to go

He doesn’t know how to make the burning stop
He only knows what he’s been taught
He always knows how to play victim but never the hero

If you’re stupid enough to put your trust in him
You’re going to be burning right along with him
If you dare to shackle yourself to him
Prepare to sizzle at the mere touch
Be ready to curse love
Never look back
Fade into darkness again
Fade into black

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Teaching Darkness

I’ve seen this over and over
You mean the world to me
Everytime I let you get a little closer
Everytime I think we’re going to make it
You do something to remind me of our beginnings

Every time you hurt me
The tears start to stop
Until they’re all gone

I’m standing here with my shields up
Its not even against the world anymore
Its against you
I keep wishing you see my words
I keep wishing you’d give me a sign
That what matters to me, you care about

Long ago you taught me how to think about you
But you never took the effort to return the favor
I feel like I’m invisible

Everything that is important to me
You never hold close and dear

Your actions keep speaking louder than your words

Its no longer one instance

It goes beyond that

My heart’s singing a reminder to pull out all the stops
Rise my shields because nothing will ever change
I can tell you til I’m blue in the face
You’ll always twist away from me
Whether dreaming or waking
Your demons hold you closer than I ever could
I’ll fade into darkness before your very eyes
This is where our story ends

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Cradle It Closer

I should have judged you from the get go
I thought you would at least take care of my heart
Love me from the beginning
But your life was enshrouded in lies from the beginning

You just didn’t want to be alone

Here I was, trying and trying

Thought you would take care of other things
That when you grew you would cradle everything that I held dear close to your heart

You kept showing me the truth
I just didn’t want to see it

I wanted you to be my Superman
I wanted you to be my everything
I thought that if I believed in you
If I kept hoping that you would cradle all the things that meant the world to me

I didn’t want perfection I just wanted you

Now I’m sitting here with tears
Playing back all the shit you put me through
My head bowed
My heart broken
I’m not suppose to blame you
This was all on me

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Butting heads

This game that you challenged me to is dangerous

Everyone is giggling around us

But you and I are competive

We can’t help but challenge each other

Both so hot headed

Never able to back down from each other

Now we’re both trying to hold out

Chewing the ends of a picky stick seeing whose going to reach the end

We don’t realize that we’ve been set up til we meet in the middle

The pocky stick is gone and all that’s left is two people, head strong and sharing their first kiss

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First Date

Pulled up in front of my house

You look hesitant as you look at my house

My heart spends up as I watch you

You take a deep breath and start walking to my front door

But I rush to the front to meet you and turn you around rushing to get you away from the Spanish inquisition

You’re stumbling but you don’t realize I’m saving your life

You chuckle as I quickly push you to your side of the door and run to the passenger side only to have your hand reach for the door at the same time I do

I didn’t realize that you turned around and followed me

Surprising me and we both start to laugh

Maybe we’re meant to be

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Cutting Shadows

She’s use to hiding behind a mountain of hair

Hiding her face from the world

Never wanting to be seen

Wishing the wind doesn’t blow her way

So she can be covered by a veil of her own making

Never seem, never heard

No one can hurt her

But old habits need to be lost

Cutting her hair broke the chains

Gave her a new perspective on life

Showing her face to the world

Never knew that she got his attention

Never knew he was looking for her at all

Never saw the shadowed roses he left where she once sat and wrote sonnets to a lovers dreams

Emerging in the light

Reaching for her hand but he always drew back

Because she shone so brightly against his dim lit life

She found her kingdom while he was still fighting his Demons but her light beckoned him to keep trying

Left this story without an end, hell bound to try to catch her smile is where he stands looking at her pictures

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Thankful Heart

You were always there even when I thought I was alone

You stood against the bullies

But then you turned around and started attracting all of them

That strong girl you were disappeared and I couldn’t stand to lose your smile

So I started learning how to fight back

I started watching you closer

Making sure I could protect you

Making sure that you never lost your smile because loving you was as easy as breathing

Loving you gave my heart hope

From kissing your forehead to your little nose to your sweet mouth

Gave me happiness and you were the one person in this world that believed in me

Thank you for loving me

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Kissing Demons Goodbye

Conquer your demons

Move your ass

Stop stalling

The world isn’t going to stop for you

Put away your superman cape

Get your ass up

She’s right there waiting for you

Her doe eyes is your motivation

Her sweet kisses can kick any demons ass

Don’t let it all be ruined

You’ve got to move on your own

Grab hold what you’ve been missing

Nothings going to change until you do

You should’ve seen it all coming

Since it was all your doing

So now move

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Bar Following

Tried talking to her tonight

But she just turned to walk away

Not even meeting my eyes

She reached for the bottle of wine

Threw it back in one swig

Left the whiskey on the bar

His memory burning her brain

Her heart would rather rage

Not your typical broken heart

She’s moving on and running far from his stupidity

Relationship isn’t a test

So why cheat?

Her heels are leaving marks on his heart and he’s learning his lessons

She’s no one night stand girl

She’s so much more

You’re the one whose getting burned now

Welcome to redemption