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Each boy has that one girl he will never lose feelings for – I’m that girl for him

Lately I’ve heard you talking about me
Pointing out how I say things
Complimenting me
Seeing the woman I’ve become

I see you staring at me
You’re now more aware of where I am
You move, I move

You keep telling me how good I am for you
How you don’t want to be in a world without me

You’ve been reaching for my hand more
I try not to react but in truth, it means the world to me
To be by your side, not having to chase you to catch up
Or feel like you’re behind me
I like being your equal
For once I feel like the woman I am suppose to be

You’ve been trying harder and I’m loving it
I could fall in love with you
We can go from being just friends

There was a time when you turned back on everything
Because it was too hard to let someone in
You felt like this life, you were leading, was meant to be alone
But you were wrong

You can’t do this life alone
I won’t let you

Everyone needs someone, to cheer them on
Build a home with, even if we’re just renting
Dream with, even shield the nightmares

Give you more hope than you can handle
Be your bright side even when it’s dark
Stand beside you and never give up


"My personality is basically a mix between a needy 5 year old, a rebellious teenager making bad life choices and a 80 year old woman whose tired and needs a nap." - Luna @bpdNymph I love so hard because I know how it feels to be loved so little Labels : : Gamer, Yarn Artist, DM, Hopeful Romantic

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