Antique Flames

Everyone’s got one of you in their life

Blowing up your phone again
Wanting you there, wanting you by his side

I see your eyes looking at the door
Wanting to bolt
Head to his calling
When he calls, you’re ready to go do his bidding
Until he’s done with you
Then you come back, crying

There you go again
On your phone again, texting
Always at his bidding
And then you go days looking at your phone
Willing the silence away

Until he wants you again

Do you even remember why you two broke up?
Wasn’t that a good reason then?
Why are you playing these games now?

You keep going back
All he’s going to do is abuse you
He doesn’t leave any marks on your fair skin
Baby, its all on your heart

When are you going to stop
When he starts parading those girls in front of you.. Again

What are you going to do when this all stops because he found a new toy?

When he doesn’t need you anymore

When your phone finally stays silent
What are you going to do
When your friends are done with you crying?


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