One Night – Round One

He twirls the ring around his finger
Watching the dancers on the floor
Some are a sin
Others are bashful
But the beat of the music keeps them going
He walks slowly to the bar
His steps slow and measured

And as he sits and orders a burbon on the rocks
She leans against him to put a tip in the tip jar
He inhales her and feels his heart accelerates
He smiles at her and she smiles back

He throws back his drink and throws caution to the wind
She pulls him out to the dance floor
And their bodies start moving

Back and forth they go to see who will win this round
Until her legs wrap around him
And his eyebrows go up
And she smiles as she slides down

And all he hears is, “I love you.”

Then she’s gone
He goes back to the bar shaking his head

Looks like she won this round, he chuckles to himself and goes home


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