Burning Gunpowder

Let’s light the spark
Bring you down a notch
Crawling up and over your body

You think you know where this is going
But its not where you wish it was going I’ll tell you that much

Let me explain to you

I’m here to bring you down
I’m here to show all your little evil lies
To the world

Now you might think I’ll name names
But I’m better than that

I’m here to tell you all about the things that you don’t see
All the scandalous things you wish you knew

How hard can a life be
Only when rumors are involved
Only when lies are mixed
So many times I’ve been apart of your lies
All the rumors you’ve been saying about me aren’t true and the ones that know me, know me well
But you want to throw my world in front of the headlines when  your own closet isn’t clean
You can sit there and act like you know me but you don’t know anything about my life but the lies you’ve been passing around I know all to well
I could burn your life
Tattered and torn is how I would leave you
Be like the the red king and take your rooks and pawns
Betray you like you have betrayed you
But I won’t
Like hell I won’t

You’ve left tongues wagging

I’ll leave corpses behind me
You mess with me
And I’ll burn you

You hurt me and mine
I’m after you

Being with you was never a home
Being in your presence I never felt warm

So go ahead and wag your tongue like you know me

But that girl you speak of died a long time again

A vibrating heart replaced the real one inside of me
You burned me, tore me down
Trust isn’t something given lightly

Like gunpowder I’m gone after you lit the fuse and left me burning


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