Raging Regrets

You’re sitting there in front of your video games
Telling her all the things she can’t do
Trying to hide her from all your friends

Regretting you ever saw her
Regretting you ever got with her
You bitch to me and him
About all the other pretty things you have
And you don’t see the looks he and I exchange
And then wistfully you say how you wish you had our love

You couldn’t handle it

You have to see past your own ways to see how you treat everyone around you

But you carry on like its all her fault
But you never remember how the other fingers on your hand are pointing straight back at yourself

You’re too busy feeling like the victim
to have time to change all the things wrong with yourself
You can’t stand to be there and to be shown how wrong you are

So keep singing out all your praises
Keep building yourself up while you’re putting her down

You’re never going to get out of that little town


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