Twirling Denim

You’re young
You think you’ve got it all figured out
You’re running around with a plan
You think everything is going to happen for you

Oh baby keep trying

You think I don’t know what I’m talking about
But if you would just take a moment  and listen
I’ll tell you about the heartbreak you’re about to go through
The way life goes
It don’t owe you shit

Baby, slow down

I know you’re trying to break tradition
Rebel against everything your parents have done

Baby, I can see everything you’re trying to do

I was right there with you
I see where you’re going
Baby, slow down

You’re twirling and spinning
Until you’ve got this life right where you want it
But sometimes it doesn’t go your way
Sometimes you’ve got to fall to rise up again and try again and again

Baby, hold on
I”m seeing it all
I know you’re falling hard

But please don’t fall for the first guy that tells you he loves you
Don’t think this life is going to end in happily ever after

That’s the thing they never tell you
It doesn’t end at the prince charming
No baby it keeps going

Don’t give up baby
When the hard times come
Hear me baby

Don’t give up
I whisper to the sleeping boy


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