Out of Time

The blood seeps from her skin
You’d think this was a horror story from the way this begins
But with her it’s always complicated
She’s running late on her deadlines
He expects her in bed by now
But she’s typing away  like a madwoman
Trying to keep up with this busy world

She’s not a girl for the frills or the thrills
Most nights you’ll find her by the window reading until dawn breaks through
She finds simple pleasures in life
She doesn’t need a drunken night
She doesn’t need any pity or woe
Dramas aren’t her things unless its in a subtitled form with a happily ever after in the horizon

She doesn’t need anything just a little more time
A little more hugs
And some more hot chocolate

She loves the winter, hates the summer
And gives the best hugs you’ll ever get

She’s the night and the rainy days
She’s everything you want
And will ever need

She’s comfortable in her own skin
She’s beauty, confidence and a dash of smartass rolled into one

She’s a dream that brings a smile to your face
And a curse to your lips

She’s a deity running out of time

Can you save her?


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