Cracked Mirrors

He watched her from the other side of the mirror
His hand on the mirror, a thin sheet of glass separated them
He felt pain as he watched
Being interrogated
Being told lie after lie
Still she held onto her story
She wouldn’t change it

He was a criminal
He was everything that she wasn’t
But her eyes still held the prosecutors
She wouldn’t betray him

They said he was an outlaw
But she called him Robin Hood

They called him a thief
But she called him Rob Roy MacGregor

He saw the interrogators were losing their patience
He waved his badge
His superior let him take over

As soon as he strolled in there
Her back straightened
She looked at him in shock
He felt his heart fall for the role he was about to play

He slammed his hands down on the table
She jumped
He started the questions, the ones he warned her he would throw at her
He saw the tear escape but she held strong onto her answers
She bit her lip and it made him pause
He felt his resolve slip

She raised her eyes to meet his and he was catapulted to a different time

A different place…..


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