She doesn’t know the double life I lead
The one where I have to be strong

But to her I’m so weak, so she has to protect me
But the whole time I’ve been protecting her

I’ll be what she needs me to be
I’ll do what I have to do to get close to her

She’s my everything

She chases what she wants without fear
She tries so hard to be strong
Even though her heart isn’t strong
She needs pills to help keep it beating
I can feel the irregular beats
But she seems to find trouble where ever she goes
So I keep an eye on her

I’m her guardian angel
But I feel more like a demon, hiding

I play two parts but she’s falling for the demon within me
And I feel jealousy surge
How can someone incite such contempt for myself

But her burning light cures me
I feel like the world is better with her in it

Her sweet smile keeps me going
Her love makes me whole
I don’t feel like I have to fight the demon within
I don’t have to push him down

She holds me close
And my heart flies
Her words cure me
Her arms shelter me

She is everything to me that I always needed
There’s no other like her



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