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Silent Tomb

The oceans rise over me
This world is too big for me
My dreams use to hold hands with them, pushing my way through
But I became too hopeful
Thinking that everything would take shape

I thought you’d never abandon me
I thought that you’d be there holding me close
Caressing my face, tenderly

But the roar of the engines
Makes me cover my ears
I’m not strong enough to face this world
I can’t do this anymore

You want a miracle worker, but I’m only a girl
Alone in this world
Fighting her way through

The illusion that I’m crying
While my heart is breaking is printed on the pages
As a child flips through the comic book
The ending isn’t coming
The sun is breaking through his tarnish armor
And there’s no hero in this one

He died a long time ago in a little girl’s dreams

Clear eyes that look up but see nothing
No more sonic booms in the skies
Blinded by the stories of heroes from long ago

Didn’t you know Superman is dead, mama?
Doomsday reigned supreme, baby girl

Passing on the stories to the next generation

It’s all I’ve got tonight
It’s all I’ve got to hold onto
Is his red cape that still holds his warmth
Vibrant imaginary is escaping me tonight
As I drape it around my shoulders

I can still smell him
I can still feel him

The heroes are silent tonight
As we all mourn

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Follow the Fire, Forge through the Ice

Do I have to listen to you?
You think you’ve got a lot to teach me
I’m tired of your mutterings
Always having to be right
Always needing to be in the know

When your blue eyes don’t know shit
Always got to be in the right
Even though you’re full of it
But your light eyes hide all stupidity
And are only showing the narcisstic ways

You’ve got a lot of rules
We’ve all got to obey
But you break every single one
Do as you say
Not as you do

You’ve got us all wound so tight
And hanging on your every word
I use to be part of the masses
But not anymore

I’m tired of following your dictation
I’m tired of all bitching and nothing is being done

I’m going to be like Robert Frost and chose my own way
Between fire and ice
I’d rather go my own way

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Failed Phone System

Not sure of my identity
After I get off of one of these phone calls, not sure what to believe
So many people in this world
With so many names

Can’t go PC and just call someone Sir or ma’am
Can’t get it right from the get go
I’m sorry but this call can not be completed at this time
I’m sorry but you have reached the maximum input, thank you for calling, click.

Always being treated like some sort of alien
Stereo typed from the beginning into another number

Not knowing how phone etiquette goes now a days
Its all a major disappointment
Businesses are now slumping
Human nature is disappearing behind a dial tone and an automated voice
If you can’t press 1 right or chose the right option
Round and round you go until you’re hitting zero like a duck hunt game
Praying for a human voice for once
So you can get your stuff done before 5pm eastern, pacific, etc  standard time

Rather face an A.I in a video game rather than through a phone system
Just trying to fix one small thing but you’ve got an hour and 25 minute hold
Oh yay finally got through only to have to be transferred

So much for human compassion or interaction

Another automated system…hand me another drink and pray that they stay open after 5

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Exemplary Glory

Bring the holy water

Cleanse my soul

Sing like a beautiful mockingbird

Forget the sins
The children aren’t held accountable

Only hold onto the perfections of words that can cut through

Sing like a mockingbird

Bow your heads now

One shot to make this all right

Here it comes

Now let’s change the tone

Find a way around all these horrible thoughts
Try to find the lighter side
The clock is ticking
Tame that anger
Let it all go
Don’t hold it so close

Close your eyes
Its all about to change again

Hang on
Hurry up
Slow down

Don’t know which way you’re going
Its everywhere
Your soul is so tired
The words aren’t coming out right

Looking for inspiration
Come on words
Close your eyes
Try not to focus
Try not to understand

Just know that its human nature
Always wanting more than what we can have

Forget about work
Forget about trying

Just wish it would come easy to you
But you know that it all takes work
It all takes time

Get your ass back up
Try again

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Impassioned Rain

Everyone thinks we’re a couple
We’re just friends
I never saw you that way
Until one day you made me

You sat there in the rain
Letting it fall on you
You wouldn’t budge even when I stood over you with the umbrella
You looked up at me with these accusing eyes
And I felt my world plummet
I didn’t understand
These feelings rushed me

What’s wrong with  me?

It’s like this slow hum rushing through my body

You smiled at me, as if knowing what was going through my mind
When your hand touched mine, I felt like a burn running through me
The electricity we were stirring was crazy

The fire in my veins made me want to lash out
But instead you slowly stood, still holding my hand prisoner

You pulled me closer and still with that damn smile on your face
You kissed me
You crossed that line that was suppose to keep us friends
Best Friends, don’t do this, I heard myself whisper to you

Yeah.  Was all you responded

I didn’t want to be your crutch
I didn’t want to be another rebound from another broken heart
I didn’t want to be your comfort
Or just another laid upon your sheets
I’m a forever girl
You were just Mr. Right now

Instead days turned into months – months turned into years
Until finally you convinced me I was so much more

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1st Love

She’s sitting on the front step waiting for him again today
I look out the kitchen window only to see him pulling up like a knight in a white car
He emerges from the backseat and I see her straighten her back
He comes to her quickly like the hounds from hell are on his heels
He sweeps her up
I feel my heart clinch

She’s so young but love is love

It’ll sweep you off your feet
Age is just a number when you have your first love

My barefoot angel
As I watch them she puts her feet on his sneakers and wrap her arms around him

The sweetest kiss ever given

To be so young and carefree
To not know the unknown and not care either

All your worries can be put off til the next day

The biggest one is whether the one you’re crushing on will love you back

Hold on to that little one

For right now love him with all your heart
You won’t be this age again
And your memory of him will hold you forever

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Changing Mademoiselle

Take out the trash
Group me with this or that
Twirl our hair
Try to be someone else
Discovering that we’re never going to rise to your standards

You want them skinny
Pretty, cute all the words that could describe them
Striving to be a certain weight
Trying to be like the celebrities

But then you want someone who won’t nag you
Won’t bug you
Wish you could walk in my shoes
See all the unneccessary bullshit

Was it a man that invented heels?
Some boys can walk better in them than I can

Always gotta answer that damn phone
Gotta find out where she is
Gotta know what’s the news
Can’t stand to show your insecurities
But the world sees them

Playing for keeps
But really want your cake and eat it too
Doesn’t it get tiring playing a part
Always seems like you’ve got split personalities
Who cares about anyone elses reputation as long as you’re the main man
As long as you can tell your stories and let the world see how good you are

Now you’ve got someone new to say all these things to
Forget everyone else
How fast you turn around
Build yourself up
Bounce from girl to girl

Make your unneccessary comments
How little makeup she wears
How fat that one is
How tiny that one is
No girl can ever please you

But its okay you either learn or you lose
Your loss someone elses gain

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Isolated Escape

There’s a little girl
Never lost nor forgotten
She’s stays with me
Reminding me
The days when I would walk in the rain
When I would let myself go
Escaping the harsh realities of a failing love
Anger splintering through the walls
Screaming out as another dish falls and breaks
Another angry word shatters another wall
Another heart laying broken
Manipulation and angry tears cloud her eyes

Breaking the cycle
Escaping from all that was

Welcoming the change in weather
A change coming
The world didn’t hold much value to her
The things that everyone made a big deal out of
She didn’t care
Her ember eyes to the sky

She quit everything
She didn’t have the strength to carry on
But no one saw the little girl screaming for help
The scars on her arms she hid in her heart
The expectations to be perfect
No one reminded her, she’s only human

Spinning until there’s a crack in the glass
Until only a hum is left from her voice
Children are suppose to be seen but never heard

Break that cycle
Scream away the screams
Tear away the veil that held her in place
The next generation will be stronger
The next generation will be heard

No quiet dinners
No silence in a house
There’s suppose to be laughter, love

And yes there will be

Breaking the cycle

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Break off The Script

The letters are pouring in
They want me to stop writing
They want this blog not to exist
The imagery I paint is not worth much
The “lies” I portray aren’t reaching the right masses

You bellow about how I shouldn’t be doing this
You scream for me to stop
Not to remind you of what was

Not to stay in the past

You say, I’m just another angry girl

Who said this was about you?

Who said I was angry?

I’m just another causality of an existence that you don’t want to remember
Selective memory always play in those that are in denial
I’ve seen rock bottom
I’ve seen how love is valued
Only to use it for their own means
It’s convenient when they need it and a burden when they don’t

I’m not the only hurt soul in this world

I’m not the only one who rose above the ashes and spread their wings

I write what I see

My answers to you, you never wanted to hear
Instead of letting the words stay trapped in my throat why can’t I write what I feel?
Maybe you should ask yourself why are you so angry
Why does my writing ignite such a response
Maybe you’ve been in my shoes or maybe you’re the one responsible for what I write
Either way, any answer I give you
Won’t cure you

I’ll always pick the path of a rebel
I’ll always go the opposite to what your expectations want me to go ”
Because I’m being true to myself

A disappointment to you

I’m never going to be who you wanted me to be
I’m going to be rising

Everyday I’m changing
Everyday I’m learning
This life won’t stop me

I’ve been to hell and back
And you haven’t even glimpse into how much I’ve been through

You can turn away but these words I’ve been sending out to the world

Won’t disappear

I’m not going to be anyone but me

And I know there are others in this world

Speak up and let them be heard
No holding back,
I won’t let someone else feel the way I did

So go on and hold your breath
We aren’t waving the white flag anytime soon

Let the dragons be released

Let the imaginations soar

So if you don’t like my words then don’t read them


There is a world out there, that doesn’t run to you for your…..
All not needed

Writers don’t ask for permission

If you want to stand there and take a vote
Well lets see what the masses say

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Genetic Beauty

She’s like a nova
A sudden large increase in brightness
Then slowly returning to its original state over a few months

She’s like a black hole sucking everything into her until she’s sedated
Satisfied that she’s done her job thoroughly

A psychic vampire
In a continuous changed state
The only limit is your own imagination

She’s got you under her spell
You’re so far gone
You can’t tell what reality is anymore
She caresses your face
And her nails skim against your skin
Leaving red marks

Her innocent smile explodes your heart into small pieces
Her words wield a dangerous thread through your brain
Trapping all common sense

Her genetic beauty snares your eyes
You arms move against your will
And you pull her close

Her tongue operates like a loose cannon to your senses
Everything about her, sways you toward her, like an attraction gone wrong

You’re adrift
She’s conquered

You can’t even remember where you first kissed her
You’ve forgone reality for one touch of her lips

You’ve been downloaded into her virtual world
There’s no way you can take flight
Drunken on her intoxicating genetic beauty