Genetic Beauty

She’s like a nova
A sudden large increase in brightness
Then slowly returning to its original state over a few months

She’s like a black hole sucking everything into her until she’s sedated
Satisfied that she’s done her job thoroughly

A psychic vampire
In a continuous changed state
The only limit is your own imagination

She’s got you under her spell
You’re so far gone
You can’t tell what reality is anymore
She caresses your face
And her nails skim against your skin
Leaving red marks

Her innocent smile explodes your heart into small pieces
Her words wield a dangerous thread through your brain
Trapping all common sense

Her genetic beauty snares your eyes
You arms move against your will
And you pull her close

Her tongue operates like a loose cannon to your senses
Everything about her, sways you toward her, like an attraction gone wrong

You’re adrift
She’s conquered

You can’t even remember where you first kissed her
You’ve forgone reality for one touch of her lips

You’ve been downloaded into her virtual world
There’s no way you can take flight
Drunken on her intoxicating genetic beauty


Sweet Fluff

First grab a bowl
Then start breaking the eggs

I turn around and there you are sitting there with your hand under your chin
Watching me
I turn away quickly
Blush creeping up to my cheeks

I hear you chuckle
I quickly shake my head and go back to my task

Making food is an art now a days
A simple task can make anyone sitting there, watching, drooling
Well, according to you any way

I never really liked cooking
My idea of hell was the kitchen
But now, years later I find it fun

As I finish whisking and start on making the fudge look pretty
I hear you sigh and then a click

I turn around in shock
Another picture, really babe?

I cock a raised eyebrow at you
And I get a sheepish grin

Another foodie post

Halcyon (hal·cy·on /ˈhalsēən/) Apparition

I could do for a time out from this world
Reach for you
But you’re gone
You’ve been dead for years
But I can still feel you
Wrapped around my heart

Your hands caressing my face
Your sweet smell makes me grasp for air
I still talk to  you like you’re here

I can still see that smirk you would give me
You’re always in my dreams
Leaving the light on
Beckoning me to come to you
To a simpler time when you and I could just be

You are frozen in time
Still handsome as ever
But I’ve grown older than you
But you still remind me that you’re living through me

You’re gone
You’ve been dead for years
But I can still feel you
Wrapping your cold hands around my heart

Keep me going
Reminding me

You’re still here


I don’t have a soul
I don’t have a name
I’m left in this place
I don’t even know where I am

I’m left with nothing only the clothes on my back
Will you spare me a moment

Read my story
Feel my words wound around your own soul
Will you share your warmth with me
Just for a minute
Pause this rushing world

Share a bit of yourself with me

Push away the cell phone
Push away the ignorance

Show me some depth
Give me a name
Let my soul be free
I pray that someday you’ll say my name
With love and warmth
You can wake me again

Believe in fairy tales again
Bring me back from this place
Let me join you

Cascade me against you
Pour into me something of yourself
Give me a name

Wake me
Let me live
Breathe into me

Give me a name

Black Infliction

You see the wounds on me
You look at me like a painting that you pass in the hall
You keep walking away from me
You don’t stand there long enough to know how I’m doing

I’m the black sheep of your world
I’ll never fit in

I never did to begin with

In your world, I’m a criminal
A convict that doesn’t meet your perfection

When you keep the real convict by your side day and night

But anyone is better than me

I’ve stolen so much from your life
You  made me feel like a burden
A shame that you only tolerated

I was the pain in your life
The burden you couldn’t be rid of fast enough

I was never Honor society worthy
Much less part of your little club

I was a rebel
A rebellion that made you cringe
A thief trying to make ends meet

The lottery ladies couldn’t stop gossiping about me
Warning every girl I was even interested in away from me

I was never worth your time much less any one elses
I saw your eyes never held love for me
You couldn’t stand the sight of me because I reminded you too much of your past

I wasn’t suppose to amount to much
I was suppose to be the bum that was living off of you
The burden that you pushed everything onto
The curse to your life

Now how does it feel that I’m not even there?

Do you even notice I’m gone?
Do you even care?

Crumbling Pantomime

Every time you come around
I become this awful mess
That rages
The anger never stops
And you don’t know the chaos you leave behind
The pain you inflict just by showing your face

You’d rather pretend we’re the perfect family
The type that many envy
But we’re not even close to that
The way we once were, we will never be that again

And you can sit there and blame me
You can sit there and back stab me
And pretend you know what you’re saying

But you don’t know the pain you left behind you
Everything you touch turns to shit
And you have no clue what you do

Your ignorance makes me want to wake you
Turn you around and show you the destruction you left behind
But instead I’ll let you leave your ignorance in a cloud of bliss

Because I don’t have to do a damn thing
All your bed of lies show to everyone you meet
They see, more than you ever will

I’m just not going to be the one that’s going to be standing there
Trying to hold together your lies

This time, you’re on your own

So, here’s to you
Here’s to life
Here’s to my simple life
Without you, its so much better

Waking the Beast

Your head hangs over the toilet
Another hard night of partying
Another memory wiped away
Pushing the pain away
Dealing with world war 3
Was never easy to begin with

You’re raging a one man war
Against your demons tonight
The man in the mirror
Doesn’t look like the boy you once were
The aging lines
The tattered breaking shown on your face
Your shaking heart beats to my core
Waking my crimson eyes to the magenta sky

Your heart is breaking
And on one can fix you but yourself

No one can heal the wound she left in you but yourself

Your shaking hands reach for another drink
While your tired eyes refuse to shut down the brain that’s running a thousand miles per frame
You ask yourself when you let go, don’t know the day or the time but you remember the memory

Drown again, push away the memories
Run your hands through your hair
Close your mind, file it away for another day
When you have more to drink

Lay down and close your eyes

But there’s someone shaking you awake
Dumping those bottles of pain relief
Down the kitchen sink

You come up swinging
Grappling to bring back that liquid courage
You feel like the beast about to break
But your eyes clear and there she stands over you
Her fists clenched at her side
And her expression of disappointment
Wakes you

Here we go, Day 1

Unselfish Atlas

There’s a pounding on my door
Again with this shit

I throw it open only to be bombarded by hugs
I feel like this world is changing

She’s crying again
And I’m standing here holding her
Like the best friend I am
Trying hard to wipe away her tears

She’s raging at me about this world
Her parents are cruel
Her boy problems are overwhelming and there’s no one to listen to her

I’m the only one that stops her from marking her beautiful shkin
I’m the only one that keeps her demons at bay because all it takes is lending an ear

She follows me through this one bedroom apartment
As she goes on and on about her life
And all I do is listen and when she leaves I let out a sigh

Sometimes a psychiatrist would like to have one of her own

In this world everyone is too busy with their own problems to see anyone elses
And the few of us that are on this Earth to help
Sometimes gets forgotten
But it’s okay
There’s a reason why we’re so strong
We can be like Atlas and hold up the world too
Sometimes its better this way
Just hold on a little longer

Antique Flames

Everyone’s got one of you in their life

Blowing up your phone again
Wanting you there, wanting you by his side

I see your eyes looking at the door
Wanting to bolt
Head to his calling
When he calls, you’re ready to go do his bidding
Until he’s done with you
Then you come back, crying

There you go again
On your phone again, texting
Always at his bidding
And then you go days looking at your phone
Willing the silence away

Until he wants you again

Do you even remember why you two broke up?
Wasn’t that a good reason then?
Why are you playing these games now?

You keep going back
All he’s going to do is abuse you
He doesn’t leave any marks on your fair skin
Baby, its all on your heart

When are you going to stop
When he starts parading those girls in front of you.. Again

What are you going to do when this all stops because he found a new toy?

When he doesn’t need you anymore

When your phone finally stays silent
What are you going to do
When your friends are done with you crying?

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