But when you’re ready to find that girl that’s going to be more than just a freak in the sheets
The one that you’ll want to settle down with
The girl that can hang with your guy friends
Play video games
Loves Airsoft
And is perfect all in her own

Well then, you’ve evolved

But if you still want the easy chick there are plenty in the bars looking for Mr. Right now/Hook me up

So what are you doing?
Why did you just let her walk away?
Why are all of you not making the first moves anymore?

You judge us girls by our looks
But how hot we are
And those that aren’t
Are considered hippos

If we don’t look like our female counterparts on tv
If we can’t make your fantasies come true with just our bodies we’re cast aside
No wonder the female population is reigning

Stop going to bars
You’ll find your girl in a library
Go to karoke and it’ll be the sober girl singing not making a fool of herself coyote ugly style at the bar
Look around the classroom while you’re attending school and never doubt the girl that is making straight As or the one that’s in bed by 9pm with her glasses by her bed side won’t make you turn your head twice

But hey its up to you, evidently your strategy is working great…..just one question….whose snuggling next to you right now?



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