Magic Arts

The keys under my fingertips calm me down
The music flows from them, helping me escape
The paintbrush in my hand
Touches the blank canvas and washes away the hurt
The music in my ears
Reminds me to breath

Everything can be a mess
Everything can go wrong
But I find my peace in the arts
My words weave through my head all day
Until I can sit here and just type them away
Turn the music up loud
But only I can hear them

This world is running on chaos
But I’m over here running on paints, music and words

Tonight, I lose myself again
Tonight, I call out to your soul again
Before the sun rises I’ll weave words around your heart
Make you fall in love with me all over again

This world is running on chaos
But we’re finding the magic

Turn up the music
Run on the magic of the arts

Let it all go, baby

Fighting Worlds/Words

Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness
Now you’re crying to me about things that I warned you about

Don’t think I’m losing sleep over this again

There are no more tears to waste on this
Only words to remind me of the occasion

The feelings are dead concerning this matter

I threw a match and lit it up

The buildings are falling
The screams can’t be heard
The masks keep the breaths fresh
The sun touches us through a window pane
The feeling of touch is fleeting
The fear rises
The news flashes
These days feel numbered
The cries are heard

But don’t you dare give up hope
Don’t let a life lived in fear become half lived

You can’t control this but you grab hope
Pull her to your chest
Shield her from the fear mongers
Stab fear in the chest
Let the grim reaper take him away from her
Protect her, fight for her

Don’t let this fade away
Don’t give in
Hold your sword in one hand and hold onto hope in the other

You’ve got this

Pained Love

There’s never any love left from you
You’re battling for control
You don’t understand that you can’t gain it back

I’ve been gone from your house for so long
You forget that you pushed me away
You want me to be under your thumb
You never once thought of the heart you broke

The little girl that wanted you, just you

Life is spiraling out of control
You’re grasping at straws
You think I’m being obedient
But you keep reminding me that I’m not good enough for the likes of you

Life is spiraling out of control
And not one word of kindness from you
Nothing is coming from your end

The more loneliness sets in
The more that life is seeming to get shorter
You’re not reaching out for the right things

Run to your home
Run to what is important to you
Maybe its for the better
That you forget me
Then you won’t be disappointed
By the woman you’re never going to know

Powers Reversed

You ain’t got time to play these games
Hold onto these grudges aren’t doing very well for you

You’ve got to stop trying to full around
If you play these games, you’re never going to learn
You’re never going to have the love you wanted

You no longer have the time to memorize all your lies
Are you happy that you left your life like this

You ruined anything that we could have had

Don’t pull that damn christian card on me
I don’t have time to play to your kind of God
You done lost my respect when  you went that way

You can’t take the fault onto yourself
Then you aren’t reading the book right
If you are going to twist someone that is higher than you
Then I don’t need you in my life
If you can’t follow the guidelines set then you’re toxic in my book

Just because the world is supposedly ending doesn’t mean you comeinto my life and play your mind games
I don’t have time for things like that
I’ve got to go and clean my house

Stolen Fools

She stole the whiskey

He doesn’t remember the night but he does remember her
Soft lips, sweet sighs
The world is ending and everyone is looking for someone
Someone to spend the last moments of this fear ridden world

The news is spinning the worst of it

But the hearts of the young aren’t ready to end it here
Waiting for a miracle
Another comic book hero to come and save us from the leaders that are fool hardy

They’ve got the money to stock up
They’ve got the health care and the private physicians
The jets at their hands
While the rest of us are about to be put up to the chopping block

She throws her head back drinks some more
Let’s out a howl as she spends her last night on the hood of a old pick up truck
Her eyes shut, thinking that she’s the only one in this world right now

Until lights come bouncing down that old dirt road
Her eyes flash with anger as he gets out
She jumps down, her boots crunching on gravel
Screaming at him for stupidly coming out here
When his immune system isn’t the best
He could catch something or die
But instead his lips crash against hers
He calls her his little fool, then kisses her again

Even if the world is ending he’d rather be here with her than alone in a hospital bed

Separating Fear

The crowds pushed and pulled
The fear heightened
There were so many voices
So many lost
Trying to find their way out of the city

The fear made them move like animals
Pushing him, pulling at him

Everyone was in masks
Coughing pushing at the fear

He tried to move past them looking for her
He knew the mask she would wear
The colorful one in a bunch of medical masks
The one matching his

Small children huddling around her
His heart pounding as he finally saw her
Time seemed to stop for him as his eyes found hers
Though they were diverted, making sure not to lose any of those that clung to her

He pushed against the crowd, trying to get to her
His hand brushed her neck where her short hair touched
Her eyes flashed quickly to his, relief coursed through him when tears sprung to her eyes

She had been strong so long, fighting back everything that had tried to bring her down
Protecting those that were to small to fight
Living in this foreign land – fear reaching every corner
But she wouldn’t let it reside anywhere near her and hers

They hugged each other and the world felt like it was being pieced together
At least hers did as the world was falling apart
She knew that they would make it, in this foreign land
In this foreign time, everything would be alright

Changing Status

He kicked open the door
She turned and looked at him like he lost his mind
In a way he had

She had been keeping him at a distance
Making him think that they were going to be friends
Only friends don’t help start rumors

He got tired of everyone asking him
Until her best friend made a confession

He didn’t care anymore of the lines he was crossing
he didn’t care that she was going to reject him
Someone had to admit their feelings outloud

His short hair unruffled but his eyes were burning

In that moment she knew that he knew
There would be no going back
No salvaging what she had worked so hard on

She mouthed no but he ignored it and swooped in

Their lips met and all her walls broke down
He killed any friendship they had left

She knew that he was never going to let her go now

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