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Thousands, But Only One Memory

She hears his voice
She stills
Taken back to the fall
The warmth
His smile held just for her

Back then she believed in Fairy Tales
He was her Prince

He was her everything

He could play to thousands
She would get front row seats to his vibrancy

His lips were the same lips that kissed her that day
Those words he composes
Were the same words that he wrote down
While she wiped tables

Everything he did, he did with her in mind

When he got to big for that small town
She tried to hold on
His eyes just moved farther away from her
He took a bus out of that little town

She saw his exploits
She saw the women that draped on his arm

He could play to thousands
After the curtains would go down
His eyes closed, she’d be there in his memory

He played for her

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Hearts Never Forgetting

The smoke, the pain
The tears falling as it hit the news
Just a kid, watching it all fall apart

Wondering if this was going to be WWII, all over again
Pearl Harbor rising from the past
So many enlisting
Running to defend
Running to find a way to bring peace back

The world changed within 3 hours
Nothing was the same again

20 years…20 years
The memories don’t fade
The fear of that day rode high
Hearts were beyond broken

Bodies never found
Dogs felt like failures when they worked so hard

Disheartening pain

20 years later, waking up, hoping everything’s going to ok
Never forgetting

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Tribe Composure

Crouch back into the unknown
Hide behind banners of righteousness

Singing to be heard
Wanting to be seen
Longing to be read

Trolls are standing around
Waiting to break down the masses
Too many hiding behind text, phone calls and a computer screen

Don’t let them see how their words hurt you
Fight back
Keep pushing, soon enough they’ll lose their composure
Soon they’ll be crying
Saying how unfair life is

Let them snowflake their ways around
Flopping like a fish out of water

Crouch back into the unknown
Until you feel your Tribe right there
Holding you steady

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Wall Covering Masks

These days are passing faster
I want to write
I want to pour my heart out

Instead I’m covering behind a wall
I don’t want the world to know my feelings
There can’t be pain and suffering
Everything needs to be Facebook perfect
The right punctuation
The right smiles with blank stares
The perfect lives

I can’t fit into that mold
I never had a family that looked that good
Only lies followed around
Playing the Gemini or the Cancer
Going back and forth
Til the lies became truths
The masks became apart of my face

I’m covering behind a wall
I just need a moment
To process
To deal
Stow away the tears
Organize my life back to holding it all together

I don’t want the world to know my feelings
Because September is the hardest month for me

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Flag’s Crying, Fistful of Stupid

You want to show the world that you’re old enough to fight
Your fists are up
You’re ready to defend your little world
Your defenses are up as well
But the power behind your convictions
Are still wobbly at best
They can change at a moment

Reaching out to the youth of the world

Crying out for what the previous has done

Wanting the empty promises that were left by the generations before
Instead everyone is too quick to leave a dying planet

You want to lead the world to victory
But you have to start at hoome
Fix yourself first
Find what you’re fighting for
Before you raise the flag and start running

Your fingers are pointing everywhere but you never notice on that same hand there’s fingers pointing back at you

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Bad Mondays turn into his ugly Sister, Tuesday

She stumbled down the street
Stupid girl….

Defenseless, wasted and exhausted

Her heels clicking on the road
In her world there were no heroes
No sweet first snow that looked pure
Or first scents of Autumn

The city was foreign
Cold, dominating
Her life was plain and boring

She was no Lois Lane
There was no Clark Kent

She fell as she found her heel stuck in the sewage lid

She wanted to throw her head back and just have a good scream

A bad day could have many incidents but this day had enough

Before she could think what more could go wrong
The rain started pouring which sombered her quickly

She coudn’t even enjoy being numb

She felt a hand pat her head
She looked up wondering who was pompous enough to treat her like their puppy

Her eyes widened…..

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Wrap Around

Early mornings, you would greet her at the door
Coffee, held out to her as a peace offering
Your eyes exchanging messages with hers

The nights that you both sat under the stars
Your hand itching to reach hers
You wanted a fairy tale
Save the princess
Find love

Instead, the radio was playing
Keeping you away from her
As she just sang along with a smile on her face

You could spot her across the crowd
Her smile would make you smile unknowingly back

She gave you hope
Made the sun shine brighter
Made rainy days prettier
Laughter came easy for you

She was the sugar in your coffee
She was the lyrics to a song that you had been listening to
She was the breeze carrying the Dandelions seeds

You’d fight for her, you’d die for her
It only took one word from her
One tear to fall
The beast within you would take over
Only to protect her
Only to keep her safe

She loved wrapping you in the scarf she knitted you
Touched your soul when she took care of you
Brought you homemade food
Crawled into your heart

She gave you hope

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Crisped Love, Wired Hope

The leaves crackle under his feet
Praying this isn’t going to be another heartbreak
The air is getting crisper

It’s her favorite season
The dog days of summer are fading
Soon it’ll be pumpkins and All Hallow’s Eve

He shuts his eyes for just a moment
Hearing her giggle next to him

He throws the door open to his lab
His hands craving for that cold glass

Soon, he’ll have her laughter down
Her eyes will only see him

Lattes on the porch at night
Her skin being kissed by the morning sun

His hand finds what they were aching for

Just a thin piece separating them

Her frozen body floating
Wires follow to machinery
Beeps and sounds
All things ignored as his heart calms

She’s not his creation

She’s his life

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Restful Love, Youthful Memories

Remember the breeze in your hair
Hes sitting next to you in the driver seat
Your feet up on the dash
The wind in your hair
He’s singing that song in your ear
Not paying attention to the road like he should

He loved you like you were the last girl on Earth for him

He held onto that truck as long as he could
Tile he had to be responsible and trade it in

You pushed him away
The heart pounding against your chest
Calling you a liar as you let him go

He called for you
His heart screaming your name
His life hanging in a balance
As he tried to reach you

Pain found you
Heartbreak was that summer’s theme

As you two tried to find your way out of the boxes you were put into

Until he broke free and came found you

That summer will never be forgotten

Two lovers came together against all the wishes of others

That truck has all the memories
It still sits in the garage
Restored and well loved like the old couple in the kitchen holding hands

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Heart Calling In

Every time that damn phone rings
My breath gets caught in my throat
I’m trying to hold on my sanity

You make me scream
You tear my heart apart

I don’t know if I’m coming or going with you

I lose my footing with you
I don’t want to be this way
But one word from you
Twists my heart
Break it in half
Don’t bother sewing it back up

Everyone has that one person in their life
That can twist their insides
Hurt them with just a few words

I’ve got too many to count
I’ve got everyone trying to trample over me

Then he comes
Pushes the crowd away
His hands wrap around me
He’s got me
Making me stop being the door mat
Guards me
Knows I’m not okay even when I say what everyone wants to hear


She’s lying there, lies falling from her mouth just to make everyone happy
She’s got this world on her shoulders
She’s trying to bring peace to my mind
Not let me worry about anything
But whose taking care of her?

She’s the one that can make the world better for everyone else
But whose making her world better for her

Ever since I’ve known her she has had everyone’s back

But they never saw her
They never appreciated all the things she did for them

If I have to make her stopping being everyones door mat
I’d rather her live happy
Then be taken for granted

I’d rather protect her
Then see her be hallow with fake love